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    Legendary cloak and me

    Hello guys
    i have a big dilema now, i m currently dps'ing for my raid team as a elemental shaman, the fact is i really dislike elemental spec, and i would really like to switch to enh, i have a decent gear (511 with 2/2 upgrades 522 weapons and trinkets) but my raid leader made me switch back to elemental because we have too many meele in the group. It's not really a big deal since they promised me that if a meele spot opens i ll fill that role.

    The thing is i m about to get the 600 cloak and i dont know if Wrathion would let me get the agi and int cloaks (like he did with meta gems and 500 stat gems) for a price of course

    Any suggetions / information ?

    thanks in advance

    Ps: yes broken english :3

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    u can replace it for 10k gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by storeposer View Post
    u can replace it for 10k gold
    That's the legendary cloak?

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    Yes its 10k for it but the thing is you can only have one at a time. So it would cost you 10k every time you wanted to switch.

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