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    Returning to PVP in 5.3?

    Hey Guys!

    First of all, thanks for stopping by, I hope you're all having a good day.

    Right, to the point. I can imagine that my question is fairly simple for people playing wow, but from the outside, it's kinda confusingly written. I am contemplating returning to WoW, and chilling out with it. So no raid schedules etc.

    What I want to know is, is exactly how is it the Conquest Points work now.. The way I understand it, is that the points you dont earn the previous week, are stacked ontop of the new weeks points? So 2200 / 4400 / 6600 / 8800 will be your "total" cap - regardless of how many CP you earn in previous weeks...?
    But what about newly dinged 90s? Will I start mid season with a massive cap so I can catch up gear wise? Or will I forever be stuck x-weeks behind in gear?

    Thanks again for your time guys. Take Care.


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    Oh, and a second, kinda on the same topic question. How does cross realm stuff work? As far as I can tell, I can play with my friends from other servers, in the world, in bgs / dungeons.. But what about arena / RBGs? Raids? What are the limitations exactly?

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    You get +1000 conquest cap for each week of the season that has passed, this only occurs until you get your first conquest points. It will not stack any further once you do.

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    The overall Conquest cap goes up by 1000 every week.

    If you cap every week, that means you'll have a cap of 1000 every week.

    If you just dinged, you will have a massive cap enabling you to catch up rather quickly. But the total amount of Conquest you can possibly gain at any point in time is the same for everyone.

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    So, if I am understanding this correctly, its been changed quite a bit..

    Say we're in week 9, going onto week 10 of the season, everyones cap will be 9000, going on to 10000 - So if I already had 9000 capped, i'd have 1000 more the coming week..

    And if I start a new character - Ill start with a cap of 0/9000(10000)?

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    Alright! Thanks a lot for clearing that up for me!

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