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    Soul Swap Macro Question

    Was curious if someone can help me create a macro.

    I'd like to be able to inhale dots off my current target then exhale them onto my mouse over and then /tar my mouseover all with the same key.

    So i hit the key once, inhale on target, hit the key second time for exhale on mouseover with the /tar mouseover

    thank you

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    Just use a regular mouseover macro and right click while you pull them off. That's what I do anyway.

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    of course but i was looking for something more specific to my request because after many attempts i can't figure it out

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    #showcooldown Soul Swap
    /use 10
    /castsequence reset=2/target Soulburn,a
    /castsequence [target=Target] reset=2/target Soul Swap,a

    remove 10 if you no engineer, sorry english no very good

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