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    The VP trinket is one of the strongest (outside ror) 522 trinket. Id only really rate Bad Juju as comparable due to not having hit/expertise.

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    All the trinkets has pros and cons (Talisman Renataki and Juju)

    Talisman: Easy to obitain, decent Agi boost but it has a wierd ICD. It will be hard to combind this and the staff from Horridon.

    Renataki: Theoretically the best of the three with some decent luck. Will be hard to fit with the polearm from Lei-Shen.

    Juju: No gear restriction and it provides higer and less rng based dps due to uptime and higer chance to get the proc together with Rune proc.

    There is just a few hundred dps difference if you look at sim though. (Considering the same Ilvl)
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    Yeah it comes down to what wep you got and also your personal preference in playing around the procs. I personally dislike the increasing agility of Renataki as its yet another thing i need to manage and id rather have a 20 sec static proc window to play with (especially when used alongside RoR)

    I would recommend anyone new or struggling with dps to go with Juju/Talisman for that reason. (but ymmv and all that)
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    RoR is 10sec though

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