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    So if he/she pays a good mage to backpaddle once for 7.50euro, you will give him/her 15euro? Sounds fair.

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    Not sure how it's even a question. WoW has far more going on than LoL does. League is basically like writing an essay, while WoW is like writing a book, just need to know so much more about everything.

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    I've played WoW for about 4 years in total, and have been playing LoL for the past 2 years I think. However I have enjoyed WoW and it's PvP very much, I like LoL more. That being said, WoW PvP is much, MUCH more complicated than LoL PvP.

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    LoL is also better which is why I dont understand why Blizzard hasnt adopted that yet. I mean how many WoW tournaments are there compared to LoL? Obviously LoL is better. Blizzard is all for bringing more people to WoW so dont understand why they think people want to PvP with 457843578437 buttons to mash.

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    Isn't one game an RBG / Action game while the other is a Strategy game like Age of Empires?

    I've never played LoL, but that's what it kind of seems like.

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    I don't think it should even be a question but it's pretty dishonest of people from both sides of the argument to constantly compare high rated play in one versus casual unrated paly in the other, like "omg, have you seen LoL profs compared to the LFR scrubs in WoW? harharhar" or "are you stupid? I win non-ELO games in LoL all the time being half-afk and there's just no comparison to this top 10 world multigladiator torch-juggling saxophone-playing team!".

    Also, in my mind, most MMORPGs do take more than MOBAs in general, but I still think both pale in comparison to competitive RTS games.
    Fallout 4 Hype!

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    I feel people are missing the difference.

    The 2 games have different skills to master. LoL's map awareness compared to WoW's character awareness (knowing exactly whats going on in front of you). The fact that LoL has a metagame and WoW doesn't. WoW's class mastering compared to LoL's role mastering.

    I think the instability of WoW's PVP makes it possible to take games away from teams better than you even if you didn't outplay them which is a shame and leads to the idea that it takes less skill to win in arena 3s compared to ranked LoL games. I think that's a fault at Blizzard's and the game's end and shouldn't be considered in the difficulty of the game. I feel that there are times that I could take games off the top ranked gladiators whereas I don't think I would ever be close to winning a match against the LoL pros.
    Personally I've found WoW to be a lot more challenging. But that's because LoL has an easier learning curve compared to WoW 3v3 which has had a brutal learning curve.

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    WoW PVP is much more complicated where it shouldn't be and vice versa.

    It ranges from abilities, gear and interface.

    Eg. multiple abilities on same character being more or less the same with different stats or constrains (Overpower brings nothing new over Mortal Strike, Frostbolt is no more interesting than Fireball..). It only results in bloating your interface, and making the game completely unplayable at default settings.
    Or the gear you get has too much customization options that result in nothing good for you, in the end it just creates some grind, but you will end up with 1-3 viable options.
    And the interface is simple, due to wrong view point for strategic game (if you want to play any strategy), your extremely limited view forces you in tons of useless UI indicators and making game harder to play without actually be any more demanding to your thoughts, reactions and stuff like that, just artificially forced multi tasking.

    And then you have shallow game of senseless spam where your only objective is to kill the other guys or perhaps those battlegrounds that can never be balanced, because of how much ego based the game is and the view port failing once again. (You could play and should play battlegrounds strategically, but with the way how hard is to find basic information you need for those strategies in real time there is no way it will ever be fun for average player).

    WoW is too unwieldy for PvP, the most of times you will combat the limitations and flaws of the game rather than your opponent, not exactly promising for anyone.

    I think Blizzard could rather create spin off game similar to Bloodline Champions, which was pretty much WoW PvP without it's flaws (but also terrible marketing, and some serious low budget fails). Bloated MMO is not fitting any serious PvP.

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    I don't play LoL but from the looks of it, WoW PvP is dumber becuase there's always OP god-mode classes but at the same time it requires more skill due to the amount of buttons. But LoL games last longer so this is definitely not some final judgement, just an assumption.

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    LoL is a very simple game, WoW is still a simple game yet less simply than LoL imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lordpete View Post
    Wow pvp is way more complicated than LoL pvp and it shouldn't be a question. Some LOL fanboy might tell you that this isnt true but they are wrong. I've played a lot of both game and I really think that wow pvp is harder than LoL pvp. I think the fact that the mouse is in about 60% of the gameplay helps a lot. The mouse in wow pvp is almost useless and is only used for the camera. But these are 2 totally different games so it is kinda hard to compare. It's like saying that Super mario Snes is harder than Nhl 1994.
    Has a WOW hardcore PVE player and an Arena NOOB with 1800 Rating and a LOL Silver league player.

    I have an harder time in LOL.

    Is it true that wow classes have more skills? Yes.

    Do you have in wow to know more CCs? No, LOL has more CCs to worry about but it depends on team composition if you are running 5 ADCs for example (but you know 5 ADCs is a fail is like going 3v3 with 3 healers).

    Is there more Bust in WOW? No

    IS there more Map control in WOW?No

    Is there more team play in WOW? Yes

    Is there more individual skill in wow? NO

    Do you have to play attention to more stuff in wow? No, in lol you pay attention to every skill cd of your opponent in wow for example you dont care if Crusader strike or death strike is in CD or not the only thing that matters are long cds and long cds have bigger CD than LOL's Ultimates late game. And in wow it is easier to keep track because of addons.

    Mistakes in wow are more punish? No, if you fail a kill or bowled or cds too soon or too late you can always "reset" the game either by kiting, CCing or just playing defensive. In lol you have to recall you lose gold and exp and your opponent just keep getting stronger and stronger and it gets worst if more than one of your teammates is falling behind. Also the wrong people getting the kills hurts ( AKA the supports or tanks).

    Games are longer in LOL . You are more likely to lose focus. (they are longer than lol now because back in the day a game could last 12h o.O'')

    WOW has healers. In lol you have champions that can heal but they don't insta heal you they have big CDs and don't heal for much. So you can't just dive has you please and aspect to back off in full HP. and unless you have crazy life steal or spell vamp you have to recall.

    Mana management matters in lol You have to chose wisely when to cast your spell so you don't run out of mana early to mid game. And late game during long periods of bait and team fights.

    LOL has more champions(more than 100) and abilities (more than 400) to know how to deal with them. Like I said you don't really care about seal of insight or smite or heroic strike. Plus don't forgot some champions have passives that you should know if they are up or not.

    In lol there is counter play
    Not saying that in wow there isn't but in wow is like Russian roulette, you queue and hope you don't get countered, in LOL you can counterpick. (this makes wow harder in a RNG factor)

    BTW mouse in wow is 100% of the game don't tell me you keyboard turn :X? Position is very important and what about all my mouse keys? I have like 10 keys that I use in the mouse XD

    Anyways this is stupid Star Craft WINS!!! XD

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Dabrix32 View Post
    Just played LoL for the first time and now I know why so many people play it. Its a joke to learn to play. Yes Im sure it gets harder but anyone with the correct number of working eyes and fingers can hop in and start playing. I would kill to pvp in WoW with only 6 abilities on my hotbar. You figure since Blizzard has been on the "lets make the game more casual friendly" spree since Cata that they would have learned that average joe isnt going to play with 50 keybinds. Maybe thats why wow PvP just gets worse and worse with every patch.

    Hell lets just go ahead and get rid of ability bloat in WoW. Every class gets the following abilites

    1. Small heal/damage no cooldown
    2. Medium heal/damage medium cooldown
    3. Big heal/damage long cooldown
    4. CC
    5. Defensive cooldown
    6. Burst cooldown
    7. Trinket

    There just made WoW pvp a lot more fun and a system that anyone can just jump right in to and start enjoying.
    So you started playing lol vs some players that started play lol has well both have no skills.

    No imaging you playing frost mage vs other clasess and both just started playing who do you think wins? Frost bolt spam + ice lance? o.O wow is so simple and easy.

    Ofc both games seam easy when both are noobs with tunnel vision, has time goes by and you are no longer a noob. You will see that both games aren't has face roll has they seam.
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    Bad - This is a bad player, he refuses to learn how to play correctly.
    Casual - This is a player that will let everything else take priority over wow.
    Hardcore - This is a player that is fine with putting things on hold while he's on wow.
    Bad/Good - Measure of Skill.
    Casual/Hardcore - Measure of Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart View Post
    Fighting games take the most skill. They require years of practice and study to be good at and at the highest levels its all about genetics. It's the reason why there's no white people who win fighting game tournaments. Whites are inferior when compared to Blacks and Asians. Don't believe me? Watch some of the tournaments online.

    Most of being the best at something requires a natural ability. Everyone has their limits. Gifted people can push limits farther than 90% of people.
    The reasons why koreans run the comps.

    1st, They roll overpowered+simplistic comps.
    2nd, Aussies/nz cant get in due to desgusting latency.

    Under even circumstances, ill backflip around any korean.

    Please refrain from Necromancy in the future

    ~ Yva
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