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    I really wish leather armour looked like it was made of leather and not some spiky metallic material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerissis View Post
    Leveling faster makes you win... what, exactly? XP boosts, Rep boosts, all fair game. Gear at raiding/top PvP (or even higher) level is pay to win.
    There was a thread on the WoW forums recently about making WoW F2P. One of the responses was something like "I would quit if WoW went F2P and P2W and you could buy things like XP boosts and such", and a lot of people quoted this guy and agreed with him.

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    So now with these raging drums being added to the game, mages officially bring NOTHING to a raid....

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    So we get level 600 epic cloaks that we can upgrade to 608, then we get to "imbue" our cloaks with legendary power that brings them back down to 600 and can no longer be upgraded? Sounds quite legendary, especially with the crap proc for casters.

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    ....wait... STORM CROW MOUNT !!!!!!!!!!



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    That Spirit Yak better be an actual mount, and not some NPC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zannypants View Post
    That Spirit Yak better be an actual mount, and not some NPC.
    It's a pet. It says so when you mouse over it.

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    I originally didn't care for the new tier sets much but they've grown on me.
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    Garrosh only has shoulders left? Guess we get pixie dust round two.
    I love the storm crow. Ordos looks sweet.
    That caster cloak proc. when we see some info on its proc rate ill be more excited.

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    Great... initial confirmation that the Tank "legendaries" will be rubbish.

    Seriously, enough with the avoidance itemisation already. It's junk

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    Coming soon - skip dailies for an in-game store micro-transaction! It's not P2W, it's Pay to be less annoyed!

    What - you didn't think they spent dev time on an HTML based in-game browser just for help files, did you??

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    damn warhorse horde only

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    Finally something to make levelling alts go faster!

    Seriously, I'd gladly pay 10 EUR for double exp, maybe even more.

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    Tier 16 Paladin looks like they murdered a gold chocobo. T.T All those feathers...

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    The elixir requires level 85. It's just for Pandaria.

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    wow cool looking paladin set

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    Bit disappointed with the druid tier... but think I can figure something with transmog ^^

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    Them mage changes get better and better every PTR.

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    Season 14 mage...gross.

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    I will not be ok with XP buff potions being sold in their store. Unless they're going free to play, that stuff has no business being in the game.

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