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    That druid teir set... yikes and I thought this tier's was bad? Thank god for t-mog.

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    Yay, we're gettting Garrosh's shoulders on plate classes!

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    I would probably buy that elixir at some point. If it goes live at some point.

    Leveling really does not serve any purpose these days, at least not for me. I also have almost every single class at max level, so being able to skip some questing would be very welcome.

    Besides that, I like the new paladin set! I hope it does not look horrible on a cow

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeralSynapse View Post
    That druid teir set... yikes and I thought this tier's was bad? Thank god for t-mog.
    Yeah, thought current tier was our standard, once-per-expansion 'looks like garbage' tier. Apparently not. :/

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    Why does shaman tier always come last? And the storm crow looks awesome, I bet it's a store mount.

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    Nice that the str/agi dd cloaks have scaling instant damage proc while the caster dd cloak has a static DoT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaley View Post
    Incredibly unlikely. It's the same skeleton as Proto-Drakes/Firelands Firehawk mounts.
    Ah ok I dint watch the movie I just went by one of the posters remark that is was tiny :P

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    Cash shop with exp boosts.. Slowly blizzard is being reduced into the shithole. Well, not surprising.

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    Hm. That XP potion will be an obligatory buy for people who want "Realm First" feats of strength and for hardcore raiders going for World Firsts in the opening raid tier of any expansion.

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    The art department has clearly run out of ideas for Druid sets. :/

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    I guess people don't read the part where it says this item may not even appear in a store at all, and are jumping to conclusions and throwing a shitfit.

    Business as usual.

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    paladin set <3 sexayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    Hello Wildstar and ESO! (if they do this)

    (xp for money)

    Blame Activision. The root for all Blizzard problems.
    Since Activision:
    Realm transfers PVE to PVP
    Faction transfer
    Buy ingame pets
    Buy ingame mounts.

    and now buy Cash to win XP

    2 patches later buy Tier sets.

    If i want to play a pay 2 win game i would play GW2.
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    Why does the engineering pet have such an insane crafting cost? I can almost create a 502 weapon for that.
    Rather pricey for something that's basically a charming cooking fire.

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorTjc View Post
    100% extra experience isn't pay to win, It's pay to level faster.
    You made me laugh :')

    Quote Originally Posted by randomice View Post
    i would buy xp/xp scroll enchancer in a hearthbeat though...
    You work for blizzard? :')

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    Wow that Paladin set looks awesome! I'm impressed!
    The Rogue tier 16 shoulders look like the same model as the mage tier 16.
    Druid tier 16 looks pretty cool actually!
    I wonder what that Storm Crow will be, a connection to the Isle Of Thunder? Who knows?

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    I sincerely hope that if that XP boost goes live, it will only be in Asia.
    I never minded the pet/mount store, but the day I log into WoW and catch myself thinking "hmm I could level this alt faster for just a few dollars", I've paid my last WoW subscription. That's the kind of "F2P" junk I keep playing WoW to escape. WoW is one of the few games left where I can relax and not worry about whether I should be spending more money to optimize my game time. It's a subtle stress factor, but it's there *all* the time in most F2P games.
    Fingers crossed for Asia only, or nothing at all.

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    The paladin set looks fantastic. The druid one not so much. I am fine with store as long as Blizzard doesn't sell +stat gears on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meil View Post
    In regards to the Paladin T16 Gear... I have to quote David Lee Roth..... "OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!"
    I'm going to have to double quote and say it again cause when I saw it I was actually happy. Yet I want the Black version -_- and the Blue one lol wait I take that back I want all 3 ....

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    I haven't raided since BC, but MAN that gold Paladin Tier 16 is incredible, and might make it worth it. One of the top 3 designs they've done for paladins!

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