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    Id be annoyed if they added the XP boost to the online store this isn't a f2p game such things shouldn't be anywhere near the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guinzil View Post
    With the new Conductivity, will shamans be able to have multiple Healing Rains out, or are we limited to one Healing Rain only? Or will the increased duration only apply to one single Healing Rain?

    If we can, it would be an absurd talent for static fights like Ultraxion. Just keep spamming Healing Rain on cooldown and when you're satisfied with the amount of healing, spam cheap Healing Waves to keep em up for the remainder of the fight. /drool

    Some days ago this was posted:

    SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_199 - You can only have one Healing Rain active at a time.

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    And we come ever closer to no monthly fee. Soon as the store has enough to offer they will drop that fee and get a whole slew of people back into it over night.
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    So, you pay for playing a game, and after that you pay for playing it less, sounds quite logic to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
    Why? Why cancel? I don't understand this mentality. I play the game because I like it, not because I am satisfied with everything in it. Canceling WoW because you don't like one single thing they're adding is like throwing yourself to the ground and holding your breath until you get what you want.
    So you willingly admit you have no clue what principal is. You don't understand the concept of voting with your wallet? Some of you act like this game is needed, well it's not. There are TONS of other games out there I can play. I like paying a sub to avoid all that cash grab crap that are in f2p games. If they were to stop charging us subs and went cash shop I'd quit. I would definitely quit if they double dipped and started a cash shop WHILE charging subs. It's the principal of it. I don't support that type of greed and would move on to other games. You act like quitting is a big deal when it really isn't. Millions of people have quit in the last couple years.

    That said the people ignorantly saying people are quitting because of stuff on the ptr. I have yet to read one post in here of someone saying they are quitting. All I've seen is people, including myself saying that if this hits live the cancel button will be pressed. We're not screaming hysterically. I will shrug, hit cancel and go play one of the dozens of games I've bought over the last year that I haven't got around to playing.

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    im honestly curious why theyre buffing keg smash.

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    I want to know why people aren't commenting on how ugly the tier 16 sets are. Honestly. Druid? What the eff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rejer13 View Post
    Hello Wildstar and ESO! (if they do this)

    (xp for money)

    If i want to play a pay 2 win game i would play GW2.
    I'm pretty sure in GW2 you can buy everything from in-game store for gold OR real money. In WoW there will be ONLY real money way so tell me more about P2WIN
    When an EVE player quits the game for WoW, the average IQ of both communities increases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brodeo View Post
    im honestly curious why theyre buffing keg smash.
    Because it has a long cooldown and cant be spam,so may aswell make it worth using.

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    Pleaseeee lower the subscription price, and you'll be my best favourite company of all time.

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    Shield Wall no longer requires a shield.
    Spell Reflection no longer requires a shield.

    Blizzard logic.

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    Didnt read the whole thread.....but the rogue tier is pretty fugly......

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    I continue to play because this game, because it has avoided the whole "pay to get an advantage" mess.

    It is refreshing that everyone, for the most part, has to earn it the old fashioned way, and I will be sad to see World of Warcraft go this route. It will be a deciding factor for me, as far as my subscription goes. This just opens the door for more of the same, and the community would be foolish to not see that fact.

    As much as I love this game, once this goes live, I hate to say it, I do believe it will turn this game into a sub-based game with an expanding cash shop, and that does not sit right with me.

    All f2p games offer XP buffs as their big seller. This is how it starts, but those games are f2p, and either pay to win or pay to have an advantage. If you start the XP potion thing, it will minimize the accomplishments of those who do it with blood, sweat and tears (yes leveling can be a grind). But, in the end, when you do hit max level, you feel a sense of accomplishment that will be diminished with the addition of cash shop buffs.

    There is an old saying, "you give them an inch, and they will take a mile". If you are comfortable with cash shop buffs, more will come, and you will continue paying a sub to play.

    How is that alright?

    Hope Blizzard reconsiders its stance.

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    Dat fucking paladin set looks like the druid set.. Man so fucking ugly!

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    The storm crow looks ridiculous with the rehashed head (combination of dark phoenix & raven lord), it would likely bug me too much to use it. :P

    Hope Timeless Isle will work out better than the barrens thing. I absolutely love the barrens, and I still feel no compelling reason to be there despite the veneer of content added. It has potential though!

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    why not just give warrior who actually don't wield shield as often as protection warriors to use an ability similar to shield wall but that isnt activated by wielding one(shield) and only give shield wall to protection warriors ... isn't that so hard to ask rather than just brutally tangle things more than it already are ... people try to macro them because they need the ability for valuable situations, hence the shield macros everywhere ... why not simple add some other CD ability separated from shield wall with similar properties for them (fury and arms) and keep shield wall only for protection warriors!!! I bet worst things have been done before so it ain't much of a big deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne25uk View Post
    Because it has a long cooldown and cant be spam,so may aswell make it worth using.
    It's already worth using... it hits like a truck and generates 2 chi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    And we come ever closer to no monthly fee. Soon as the store has enough to offer they will drop that fee and get a whole slew of people back into it over night.
    Comments like that are funny honestly, WoW with over 8m sub would still have a monthly fee even if it dropped to 2m, why? because people will buy the store products AND pay the monthly fee :P

    Keep dreaming people that WoW will be F2P in the next 5 years...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FeralSynapse View Post
    That druid teir set... yikes and I thought this tier's was bad? Thank god for t-mog.
    Sereiously. There is nothing druid-like about the set save for a few ugly feathers. I don't know what they were thinking.

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    they r just nerfing warlocks everyday

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