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    Looks fucking horrible. Tested it on various races/genders on Wowhead, and as usually, the shoulders are tiiiinyyyy on females, while helmet is stupidly oversized (female draenei/belf). And yay another tier with retarded skirt that looks like cloth, not plate. Challenge mode set forever it seems.
    Female Belfs and Draenei have always had small shoulders, don't blame the set, blame the models. Or the fact that you're playing a female character who's model has tiny bone thin shoulders that giant shoulders would look weird on. And we've had more Pally tiers without robes than with robes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by promdate View Post
    WTB: More paladin sets that don't come with dresses. This is why I will always use either T6 or the CM Transmog set.
    I got the Uld 10 light purple recolour of our T8, is pants, not skirt. Plus there is off-set JP plate plants for T8 (10-man) that match the white colouring of the set too.

    T4, T5, and T9 also have pants over skirts. I actually gained a lot of appreciation for T9 lately, after seeing what T15, and even 16, look like (I like T14, but will reserve it for the Black and White Normal mode, instead of my Red and Gold LFR one).
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    It takes more now to impress many gamers than it did 2-5 years ago, because so much has already been seen and done.
    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    Cylons! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh run away!

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    very nice, i liked t14 with lion/tiger/whatever heads on shoulders, but that easly tops it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mykal View Post
    Cylons! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh run away!
    I can't not see this now.
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    This expansion has been pretty disappointing in terms of set designs (Lock T14 and Pally CM are the only ones good). T16 is ugly, generic and forgettable for all classes. Pally tier is the best one of those so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by promdate View Post
    And if Ulduar, Firelands and BWL had pants instead of dresses, I'd probably wear them!
    There were pants for the Ulduar one...

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    Either the yellow or blue might finally convince me to switch away from my T2 Judgement transmog.
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    I like the head and shoulders, blue and yellow. Robe, gloves and belt are nothing special. Red is meh.. too much magma for me. Best T16 set and best of MoP for paladins thus far, T15 was a huge disappointment. I still raid with T11 Heroic. Lot's of details in that armor.

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    I think all colors for the T16 paladin set looks like crap and will stick with the Challenge Mode set or T15 heroic.

    The set does not look paladin to me and has more of a priest vibe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kowloon View Post
    I think all colors for the T16 paladin set looks like crap and will stick with the Challenge Mode set or T15 heroic.

    The set does not look paladin to me and has more of a priest vibe.
    Yeah it's a bit...feathery. I may try to mix-n-match the Heroic (hopefully Heroic is the blue one!) with the CM set. I love the CM set, don't get me wrong, just kinda getting tired of looking at it. I tried working in HC helm/shoulders of t15 with CM rest, but it was a little off.
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    We'll all be appropriately shocked/amazed when Nairobi actually gets an avatar, but until then, let's try to not derail the thread heckling him about it.
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    If it was that easy don't you think we would have figured that out? (Source)
    20k and counting...

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    I'm kind of in love with this set. In my opinion, it's one of the best sets this tier.

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    But seriously; good set. Not brilliant, but good imo.

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    Am I the only one who hates it?
    Quote Originally Posted by TCGamer View Post
    If I had the cash to pay a DDoSer, I would in a heartbeat. Especially with the way the anti-legacy crowd has been attacked by the pro-legacy crowd day in and day out.

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    People Hating on it for having a Skirt, you realise paladins are meant to be "holy" men. and Robes suits that in a great more many ways than chunky legs.

    Paladins in WoW basically cover the Cleric archetype aswell, and they always had Mail skirts on.
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    While I kind of like this set I feel like it looks a lot like an old Mage tier. Doesn't really look like plate.

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    Wasn't digging it until BLUE VERSION. omnomnomnom. Gimme that, I'm bored of being a protoss queen lightning nightmare.
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    I've never liked the skirt for my paladin, so I'm hoping that it comes from the chest and there's a leg model underneath. A similarly colored chest can be subbed in with a good tabard over the top. I love the helm and the shoulders (which definitely hearken back to the Judgement set) but the rest of the set lacks detail. The problem with the robes and cloaks in game is that they have tried to put detail onto them but they lack texture and so the flat appearance ruins the effect. I really hope there's a leg model (and possibly a chest model without the skirt) with good textures. If at least the legs are there with good texture I'll definitely be happy with this set, particularly the blue and gold, which I hope is heroic. The other color sets are lack luster at best.

    As for previous sets for this expansion, I think they've done a good job with the exception of helms. T14 normal (white and gold) was great but the helm model looks like Sonic the Hedgehog. T15 heroic (blue) is nice as well, but again the helm looks like a conehead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lantern214 View Post
    Sorta ugly tbh, but i sure can utilize that helm and those shoulders for transmog.
    Pretty much the only even relativey good looking parts - and even that just because of the glowing gold. (Speaking of the normal tier ofc.) Another retarded dress design... sigh.

    Every new tier makes me more convinced that transmogging is probably the best feature they've ever come up with in the game.

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