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    MM gonna be sick next patch! Cant wait.

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    Unless they address MM being 10% behind BM in damage, not really.

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    I find it amusing that people think that mm is still super duper omg amazing. Its still going to be behind bm in damage point blank
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    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
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    so BM has lost it stun, now its specced silence and on top of that i can choose between scatter trap or a glyphed silence.

    while MM went from a specced silence, too a silence, scatter trap or 2nd silence, and a stun/sleep/mass stun

    sounds too me they just changed the spec with too many CC's, which seems really dumb.

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    Why glyph? we already have too many glyphs.
    Why not give hunters baseline interrupt, while mm have 3sec silence on it?

    Why ruin PVE game? Why scatter for interrupt??
    I get, our cc was too much in arenas, but from pve perspective: we are behind every other ranged dps, no burst for burst windows, weak cleave, weak multidot - we are NOT first on single target fights with high movement.
    Then what is our niche for pve as it is now?
    Hunters niche - soak mail gear???

    We lost readiness(just because of pvp - i get it was not good design for hunters, but where is compensation??),
    silencing (now we have to use glyph to interrupt??? same time loose scatter?) ,
    explosive trap nerf( couldnt they make it do damage on 3+ targets??? just lazy blizzard ),
    stampede (same damage as 30sec dire beast - our 87 ability),
    blink strike (after excellent remake - could leave low cd for pve, long one for pvp),
    lynx rush ( could leave as a burst for pve, dot pvp, powershot(useless pve).

    Why can't you separate pve from pvp, blizzard? Just blindly balancing each patch, but not FIX the problem where it starts.
    Spells should work different in pvp and pve. Right now we have 3 boring/no burst rotations which are behind other rangeds, having 0 raid utility makes it worse - and all that just because of PVP!

    Thish glyph is not a compensation, it is a NERF - we lost silencing shot, now we loose scatter shot to take for some fights interrupt?
    Couldn't they make freezing trap with 3sec cast time? like sheep?
    Better ruin everything else?

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    I don't disagree with this change in principle as a PvE hunter. A few things need to change though;

    It needs to be off the GCD.
    It needs to have 40yd range.

    It could do a small but tidy job of reducing the mad hunter button bloat by 1.
    It does contradict the concept of no glyph being essential though, every PvE hunter will have it (unless somehow MM becomes a lot more viable soon).
    I find myself only VERY rarely using scatter shot in PvE but I'm frequently interrupting (I raid 10-man).

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    According to the worldofwargraph - over 90% BM hunters take Glyph of Animal Bond, 68.3 take Deterrence and Liberetation 55.8 followed by Disengage (21%), and Mending (15%). Rest of glyphs are taken by less then 10% of PvE hunters.

    So much about "no glyph is mandatory".

    About BM talents - CTHC 78,7%, SS 86%, AotIH 82.2%, DB 83.4%, BS 80.1%, GT 93%
    Comparing it to PvP BM build, problematic are SS (96%), AotIH to some degree (62%), BS (94%) and GT to some degree (75%). Glyph wise, only glyph which seems out of place is Glyph of Animal Bond (56%, second highest used glyph).

    Other classes are not in much better positions, but saying that cookie cutter builds (or mandatory talents / glyph) are only found in a history doesn't hold the water

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    I really cant be bothered to read through every single comment, but as a PvPer I'm just gonna say this:

    For 3v3, no Hunter in the world will take this glyph, because getting a 4 second interrupt that sits on the GCD is never ever ever better than getting an (almost) guaranteed trap. Furthermore, Scattering Shot is a 4 sec disorient. I'll say that again, 4 sec disorient. What do you think is better in PvP, 4 sec DISORIENT or a 4 sec interrupt (on the GCD that needs to be hit on cast)?
    Hint: The one that makes the target run around on spot for 4 seconds.

    So anyone saying "awwhhh lawwwdy dey gone boostin huntaaards in PeeVeePee ageeen", you really should think about what you're gonna say (type) before u say it (type it).
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    It's ok guys because the world is right and mages are getting buffed yet again while they feel the need to completely shit on bm and make changes to mm that make absolutely no sense...seem like par for the course as usual.
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    This change is whatever for PvE, but for PvP it seriously screws hunters over (which I guess is the intent, disguised as "balancing"). At this point I'm just waiting for the revamp in 6.0/new expansion.

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    From a PvE perspective, I'm ok with this, if it becomes a proper interrupt (off the GCD, max range etc.).

    I use either interrupts (most of the time) or scatter>trap (lei shi adds), but not both.

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    I would love it if you could cast SS and Scatter Shot during a cast. I hate being mid cobra shot when a mob starts casting.

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    /cast Scatter Shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsoni View Post
    /cast Scatter Shot
    Aye but its mildy annoying :P

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    Pigeonholing us into yet another mandatory glyph is stupid. We either get an interrupt or give up scatter trapping, which no PVP hunter would ever give up. God forbid if we have an encounter where we have to interrupt and CC adds, we'd be screwed. Not to mention that unless this is off the GCD and it's range and CD get fixed, this will still be inferior to all other class's baseline interrupts. We ask for an interrupt but still have to jump through hoops . I guess creating new spells is hard, huh?

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    I don't feel like we should have to glyph Scatter Shot to modify the original abilities intention, losing one to gain another. This seems to stem quite far from Blizzard's idea of limiting "mandatory" choices.

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    So MM hunters have 2 inturrupt/lockouts.
    Sounds totally balanced.

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    Two possibilities:

    1) They don't realize the advantage given to MM. Plausible given the fumbling, knee-jerk "fixes" we've seen all of MoP.
    2) They realize it, and hope that MM becomes the pvp spec and that we don't realize how much lower the damage is.

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    I don't quite understand why they wouldn't just leave Silencing Shot and Scatter Shot as they are and just make them both talents at the same tier. Wouldn't this serve the same purpose (make the two spells mutually exclusive) without the need of a crazy complex glyph?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nenia View Post
    I don't quite understand why they wouldn't just leave Silencing Shot and Scatter Shot as they are and just make them both talents at the same tier. Wouldn't this serve the same purpose (make the two spells mutually exclusive) without the need of a crazy complex glyph?
    No it wouldn't. That would be worse for MM. That would make MM lose scatter shot or silencing shot instead of having both.

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