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    Depending on the raid comp, you may or may not want to multi-rupture. Durumu is a great example of a fight where you should not bother to multi-rupture if you have an elemental shaman. Elemental shamans destroy walls in a matter of seconds. During heroic progression, I maintained multi-rupture on the following fights:

    Horridon ( Used Mark for Death to 5 CP rupture the weak adds and multi-ruptured the rest )
    Tortos ( Multi-Ruptured the turtles, used Tricks + FoK spam for bats )
    Iron Qon ( When Qon swaps quillen and in the last phase with all 3 adds + boss )
    Twin Consorts ( When other boss is spinning around in circles )
    Ra-Den ( Crackling add)

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    Its fine even though we dont do 1kk aoe :P

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    I know ct is supposed to be bad, but isn't it at least worth using like on tortos when sb is up and cp are comming like crazy? I usually envonom then ct and envenom again then bats are dead go back to boss for a bit and repeat.or if i just envenomed when the bats are coming down and turtles are coming out i usualy ct, if its bad must not be that bad i think my damage is fine, i can post a log later when i do the fight.

    I know i prob should just multi rupture, but im lazy and tortos is boring :P

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