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    5.3 Legendary Quest Chain lore

    I know during the 5.3 story, the soundfiles of the August Celestials and Wrathion came out, and most people probably have seen them. What I had not found (At least at a cursory search) was the actual scenes from within the game. So I finally got to that part of the quest chain and decided to record it.

    If this exists in video format in other places, I am sorry. T'was not my intention. Some friends of mine who have given up hope on the MoP legendary were curious about the lore, so this is also for them as well:

    Part 1, the advice from all 4 legendaries:

    Part 2/final, kicking Wrathion's ass and his monologue following it:

    I have to say, as much as I love Wrathion as a character, I did gain a certain amount of satisfaction from smacking the shit out of him. He reminds me of the rich kid whose situation allows him to do and know whatever he wants, and I like how all the Celestials basically make him realize he's woefully inadequate in important places.
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