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    I'd be all for it if I can queue only for AV. AV was amazing, Wintergrasp is stupid, TB is stupid, and IoC is just unbalanced. AV is also unbalanced, but a bit less so in longer games that aren't just zerg fests.

    I would like to see this happen, but I kind of don't think they'll do it when all is said and done.

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    Yeah would be nice to seperate 40man/ vehicle and 10-15 man bgs. I always liked Tol Barad back in cata when there were like 30-40 people!

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    Great to see so much support for this. WoW is a great game, but it's lacking some lengthy PvP activity. Once you've finished grinding your honor gear in these 15 minute battlegrounds, what are you to do next? Play more 15 minute battlegrounds?

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    I would like the option but I wouldn't play it a lot TBH.

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    I'm one of those who thoroughly enjoyed 24h+ long AV games back in Vanilla where you could go to bed and wake up and join the exact same battleground. You felt as if you were in a war, rather than passing your enemies in the middle in order to zerg their leaders, we met and fought. It was fun. And don't get me started on the joy of see either of the giants duke it out against the opposing faction!

    My reaction to this topic is: Finally!

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    I would absolutely play old AV if they brought it back, separate from BGs. I'm talking turtling the bridge, looting hundreds of horde bodies, summoning druids, the whole works.

    It would be nice if there were things to do in the other maps, if this war campaigns idea becomes a reality, so it's not just about honor per hour efficiency calculations. Those kind of scenarios in AV are a good example. You're not just strictly killing players and capturing flags but completing other objectives on the map.

    It would be nice if there were an additional reward structure, call it Campaign Points maybe - vanity items, nothing needed to be competitive. Let's bring back The Unstoppable Force!
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    If this ever happens, then for sure I'm gonna return. It would give me the MMO feeling in an "MMORPG" and as long as my pc can handle it.

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    I wouldn't. Then again, I don't PvP at all. If other people want this, I'll vote yes.

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    If AV were also reverted to its classic form, absolutely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldscar View Post
    Personally this is what I love about MMO / PVP. Large scale warfare! I think it would be fantastic if they redid these bgs like this!
    Is how most ppl feel about this, well said dude! I would be resub if AV was epic again.

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    Yes! Would love to play those.... No.. Wouldn't love to find people for those.

    Awesome idea and should be more of them
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    should make the same thread on EU to get better coverage, all in for it

    ps. also bring back the summonable bosses, vanilla 2.0 RAWRRRWRSRS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annarion View Post
    Oh please. Please. Blizzard I will sign up for a lifetime account if we could go back to non-zerg AV. I'd play these exclusively and never queue for a regular BG again.
    I'm with you, where's the lifetime sub button
    Apply blizzards model to any other subscription service,you'd be outraged:
    Netflix adds no new movies for a year, you click a new movie, there's a $5 fee.
    You're in an accident, click your onstar button, but there's an addition $20 fee for them to help.
    You turn on your tv only to find all you get are the infomercial channels. Every other show is pay per view.
    See how dumb that model is?

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    Hell i dont know anybody that DOESNT want the daylasting AVs back!

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    I think this would work well, but I just think it might be too little too late, trying to get the communities opinion about fast = better to change will not be easy.

    I can see people joining up for 'war campaigns' and going 'gogogogo' and 'zerg north!' still. especially if the reward is lucrative.

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    AV use to be my favorite battle ground until the started to change it into a mindless zergfest. So I would love to have AV as well as WG be longer than 10 or so minutes. Also give us the option to blacklist 1 or 2 of the big battle grounds, I don't care for TB or IoC too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spellbraker View Post
    AV use to be my favorite battle ground until the started to change it into a mindless zergfest. So I would love to have AV as well as WG be longer than 10 or so minutes. Also give us the option to blacklist 1 or 2 of the big battle grounds, I don't care for TB or IoC too much.
    I think it's the players that turned it into a mindless zergfest. Even now people will cap a bunker and just leave it undefended. A few years ago, people actually gave a crap about winning the game as opposed to honor per hour, etc.

    It's hard to even convince people to recap towers now, it used to be done without talking about it.

    I think it's the players that just do not lead by example and try to go through the BGs as fast as possible.

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    Classic AV would be great, i would probably give PVP another try.
    -NPCs that actually matter
    -Gathering ressources to make your NPCs stronger and to summon mighty ancient allys
    -Finishing objectives to get nice buffs
    -Being able to win only by killing the Endboss who is really heavy guarded

    Some of my best WoW memories are waking up on a weekend, seeing that AV is open (wasn't always the case on our server) and playing it for the next 10 hours.

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    Sure, I'd like that!

    I'm thinking that the rewards should be rely more on player activity than how successful your team is though, or else people will feel that they have wasted a lot of time if they in the end lose the game.
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    Totally YES, even if it meant the developers putting other upcoming features on hold.

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