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    Exclamation Would YOU play revamped 40-man war campaigns?

    FROM HOLINKA ON THE 40 MAN WAR CAMPAIGNS: Right now it's just an idea

    What we know:

    Blizzard is considering moving Alterac Valley, Wintergrasp, Tol Barad and Isle of Conquest into their own queue titled War Campaigns. These fights would be for players looking for something more than a 10 minute game, as these games would go on for an hour or more.
    Our current thinking is to move the big BGs (AV, IoC) into their own list. Perhaps re-tune WG and TB as well. Make this list about long epic fights that go on for an hour or more.
    The Dream:

    One day, there'll be PvP activity in WoW that doesn't end in 10 minutes. There are currently 11 battlegrounds (not including Tol Barad and Wintergrasp) that offer a quick fix for honor farmers and those that would rather fast combat. Those that want something longer have nothing.

    The Question:

    We have to prove that players want this by offering feedback. If you'd like to see Wintergrasp, Tol Barad, Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley return to some epic battle that offers a lengthy alternative (with appropriate rewards for your time!), would you play?
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    Personally this is what I love about MMO / PVP. Large scale warfare! I think it would be fantastic if they redid these bgs like this!

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    YES! YES!

    AND YES!

    All of my support for this if they adjust AV and IoC to become epic once more along with WG and TB.

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    Oh please. Please. Blizzard I will sign up for a lifetime account if we could go back to non-zerg AV. I'd play these exclusively and never queue for a regular BG again.

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    sounds good, AV atm is just a fucking fail compared to how it was it's like its dead to me.

    changing it to be a proper war battle of epic proportions sounds more like it!

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    Yes. Totally.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oo View Post
    I can't post a link to the original thread due to my post count, but it's on the US General Discussion forums. If someone would be able to post the link to it so that others can go show their support (if they want!), that'd be great.
    Post the URL in your OP minus the http:// and put an * or something in there to break it up so the forums don't recognise it and I'll edit it into a link for ya.
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    A million times yes, I would actually seriously get back into pvp if this were to happen.
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    No, didn't like it then, don't like it now

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    would definetly do them, i love big long battles over those short zergfests we have now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Yes. Totally.

    Post the URL in your OP minus the and put an * or something in there to break it up so the forums don't recognise it and I'll edit it into a link for ya.
    Thank you very much! Done :-)

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    I'd like a new one with air and naval warfare!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, fix AV, remove the "reinforcements". Alterac Valley is meant to be long! NPCs should be stronger also, and Defense must be valued. Humans aren't supposed to run the valley of strife and ignore the orcs running the other way.

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    If I could play AV like I did when it first opened I would love that
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    anything that removes isle of fail from random bg rotation is a win in my book.

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    Oh yes yes yes please do it Blizzard! Av back to a fun state of a bg instead of what we have now :> !

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    This seems like a good idea.

    To me, Tol Barad is the "ideal" 40-man BG because it has a large number of people, a large map, and victory revolves around attacking the other players.

    Wintergrasp is a close second. Vehicles should be more optional.

    AV and IoC revolve around killing enemy NPCs and need complete overhauls IMO.

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    Not consistently, but yeah, I'd participate.
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    would love it, i love long AV matches that go into reinforcement battles, that why i do pvp, for the pvp action, for AV to work though in their plan it needs a revamp, as still 90% of games are over in 10mins with little to none pvp action. would love more larger battles, please do this blizzard
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    Oh! I remember why we killed people back then! It rewarded you with drops that you could turn in to get actual NPC reinforcements! Player "reinforcements" though, really needs to be removed.

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    I kinda like the idea of a caverns of time BGS where we get to fight in the epic battles of the past

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    I'm only for it, because AV and IOC just simply don't work as fast paced scenarios.
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