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    Tortos Heroic 10M

    Good evening everyone.

    We have been working on Tortos Heroic, kite method with a Brewmaster monk. Here is a link to the parse for last night: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-i7b25chjlunwj3i3/

    Closest we got was pull #14 at 7%, when our mage missed a kick and breath went off. Could someone who is more knowledgeable than I about ele shaman check her dps and help figure out where to improve?

    Main spec healer, going dps for this fight so there is a lot of room for it as it is honestly...bad.


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    Flame shock uptime is the most apparent problem, 74.5% is really low, that's gonna decrease her lava surge procs equating to fewer lava bursts.

    Elementarist is a great and very user friendly addon for elemental, I'd recommend having her try that out if shes not using something else already.

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    Elemental is awful on turtles on this fight....75% fs uptime isnt actually too bad on turtles depending on your dps.

    TBH unless we have 4 ranged to free me up for bats we have our druid healer play boomkin and I heal.

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    it looks like she just has huge periods of doing nothing, for example in the #14 log, 21:50 to 21:50:30, barely scratching 10k dps, same from 21:52:15 to 21:52:45, if I had to guess, either she lags horribly at times or runs around panicking, chasing turtles alot while being out of range all the time or smth. her overall usage of spells is pretty low, 9 EBs in 330s long fight is pretty horrible, even with all the moving around, only 2 ascendances, while having setbonus, other spells seem very low, too. Her turtle damage is abysmal compared to others.

    I would suggest to work on on overall awareness of the fight and turtle movement to prevent those voids and if out of range of designated turtle, put damage to anything thats in the range, but frankly, thats something that should have come in those 20 pulls or so. if your other ranged are killing turtles in time, you could probably stick her full time on the boss and wouldnt feel the difference, maybe putting her on shell duty, so your mage can focus on damage more.

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    If shaman cant sit on bats his dps gonna be low in any way. Also tell her to get Yulon, jeez that Blossom trinket is so terrible.
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    Simmed her and came out with:
    Int: 5.48
    Mastery: 2.75
    Haste: 2.40
    Crit: 1.95

    Gemming haste is only worth only at higher gear levels. She will be below other dps since she spends valor to upgrade resto gear and doesn't dps bats at all.
    You can put shaman on bats and hunter on turles/boss

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