View Poll Results: Would u quit wow if Ingame shop for real money is added

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  • Yes I would quit

    171 27.94%
  • Yes if they add gear, no if it's transmog

    178 29.08%
  • Yes if they add exclusive items

    55 8.99%
  • No I wouldn't quit

    208 33.99%
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    I'd never use it myself, but I doubt I'd quit the game over it. If other people want to use it, they can knock themselves out for all I care. If it got to the point where items bought from this in-game store were REQUIRED for you to make any real progress in WoW, I probably would quit. But I doubt that'd be the case.

    Also...poll options don't really have my answer. Only one "no" option, and....that option appears to be kinda biased.
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    shittest poll I've ever seen. op likely sort of person who falls easily for political propaganda.

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    Why is there no option for.

    No I don't care.

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    I don't really care as long as it doesn't offer actual power in game.

    XP boosts? Fine. Honor boost, eh stretching it.. but fine.

    Transmog, pets, and mounts? Fine.

    Actual gear and such? Not cool.

    As said I really don't care what they do as long as you don't get an advantage or something that effects other players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chult View Post

    I really don't care if someone wants to buy a experience buff. Leveling is stupid easy already. You can already essentially buy something similar with RAF.
    this is my sentiments. I believe the devs have come to the conclusion ( correctly) that for many players, leveling is an unfun timesink. A lot of players do not like to level characters, they only want to play endgame. I enjoy leveling, and to be honest, it is already so fast that I cannot imagine these potions doing every much. I guess mathmatically they have to make leveling faster, but I already fly through the levels, especially with alts that almost always have the 150% rested exp. Unless you do marathon sessions, you are pretty much always playing alts with double exp plus heirlooms, plus guild perks.

    The cash-shop will become ´bad´ when I personally feel like I am at a disadvantage if I do not buy the item and that hasn´t happened yet. Despite the fact that I enjoy pet battles, the devs purposefully made all the cash-pets to have very common abilities, so my actual pet count is 522 rather than 530ish (no big deal).. but at least when I go into a pvp battle I know the other guy doesn´t have a cash pet that will help him.

    But again, I think the devs are doing this as much for players as for profits. There are a lot of people who absolutely despise leveling alts. It is like realm transfers and name changes. You can´t just give them away becasue people would overuse it.

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    WOW THANKS OBAMA, giving everything away. /s

    Who actually cares? People are already spending money on RAF accounts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Offhand
    I think this thread proves that in WotLK, not only has being bad and lazy become acceptable, but a defendable position and point of pride for some people.

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    I wouldn't quit, I just wouldn't use it lol. Blizz gets $15 a month from me, that's enough. I'll get the occasional item from the store (I've bought two things over the past seven years I've been playing: Heart of the Aspects mount and Pandaren Monk), but adding any sort of regular expenditure to a real cash ingame store isn't happening. I'll glare at it, I may even whine about the items available in it, but that's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Because people seem to have an overwhelming understand of business, guess which of the following two options is better for blizzard:

    A) Microtransactions introduced, game goes free to play 6 months later.


    B) game goes free to play, microtransactions introduced at the same time.

    Both of these could be wrong of course, and this is purely aimed at asian market.
    And how small does a payment have to be to make it a "micro-transaction".
    We have had pets and mounts for a considerable amount of time.
    Various "account services" also.

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    Nice poll, not biased at all. Good job adding 4 options that are all extremely against the idea and not a single one that says "No, I don't care if they do this."

    I don't care if they sell exp buffs and stuff on the Blizzard Store, if anything they are saving us money because people such as myself generally have to buy the game with every expansion just to RAF with myself to level a char.

    Microtransactions have been in this game for what, 6 years now? Get over it and quit if you don't like it. This isn't anything new, they are a business, they are here to make MONEY.
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    What about No, I don't care and I won't buy anything

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    I stick to the mounts: Totally fine, XP and Honour boost... well Honour boost is pushing it but... meh fine then... Transmog items, sure why not. But once it becomes buffs, actual armour and weapons... then hell no, that would just destroy the game.

    Heck even the server transfers and other account services have been in game for a long time, they are absolutely fine. As are other cosmetic items, but once it starts to be come an essential "Pay to win" scheme sorry, I think I would give up on the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    I don't really care as long as it doesn't offer actual power in game.

    XP boosts? Fine. Honor boost, eh stretching it.. but fine.

    Transmog, pets, and mounts? Fine.

    Actual gear and such? Not cool.

    As said I really don't care what they do as long as you don't get an advantage or something that effects other players.
    I pretty much fell the same.

    I think Rift do something interesting which is they do catch up gear from cash shop (so this would be like buying 496 gear just now) I think that is stretching it quite a bit as well.

    None of it effects me in the slightest though as long as they keep pumping out large raid tiers I am a happy bunny

    OT: This is the most biased poll I have ever read on all my time on MMO-C and that is saying something!

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    If you can buy raid gear and things like that, then yes.

    If it is Vanity stuff and potions that give more XP then meh, id prob stick around and continue raiding.

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    Biased poll is biased. Where's the "No, that's doesn't bother me, though I most likely wouldn't participate." option? Also, to think that they're going to go from xp boost to tier is one of the stupidest things I've heard. Pay to win is bad business. No company worth their salt does that shit.

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    People cry about a 100% exp potion

    Yet Recruit a friend has been out and you can get a free level 80 within a few hours

    Aslong as they keep special transmog gear/raiding gear or old school mounts out of buyers hands. I'm fine with this concept

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    If it ends up being anything like Swtor's cash store, then I'll uninstall WoW and never look back. I say this as someone who has been playing since the beginning and then some.

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    This is the worst and most biased poll I've ever seen. I wanted to vote No, but clearly it was established that not minding more items in the cash shop means you want everything for free. I am more strongly opposed to a cash shop here as we already pay our subscription, but I can see a way for Blizzard to get around the negative stigma.

    As long as it doesn't become a RMAH in WoW, doesn't affect character progression at the end game, then whatever. They can roll in their money pit with the people who want supreme convenience.

    FFS, pervasive ignorance abounds.

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    That is the worst poll I think I have seen in a while "No, I am gonna keep doing me" is what I would select.

    And by worst I mean Biased

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    Quote Originally Posted by IKT View Post
    shittest poll I've ever seen.
    Agreed, a very biased poll indeed.

    op likely sort of person who falls easily for political propaganda.
    This assumes there was no malice intended. If there was, it is likely the type who designs political propaganda.
    "When i am done with you, you won't trust your own mind."

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    I'd draw the line at gear or exclusive items. I don't really have a problem with an occasional mount or pet, but if they started adding multiple transmog sets or something similar to that I'd start to get annoyed. Gear at all, even ilvl 476 or low level gear, would make me quit. I could live with some exclusive items, but gear is a definite no.

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