View Poll Results: Would u quit wow if Ingame shop for real money is added

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  • Yes I would quit

    171 27.94%
  • Yes if they add gear, no if it's transmog

    178 29.08%
  • Yes if they add exclusive items

    55 8.99%
  • No I wouldn't quit

    208 33.99%
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    Already quit WoW myself a while back. Blizzard has been going downhill ever since.
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    Btw We saw a tri-spec spell added to the 5.3 PTR and we don't have tri-specs in the game so this is most likely nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawow74 View Post
    Didn't vote because the poll options are stupid. I wouldn't quit because I don't care if other people want to buy stuff, I don't PvP and I don't care what gear other people have in single or group PvE content.
    Then pick "No I wouldn't quit". Why do the options need to have a "because I don't care" answer? If you don't care, then it seems you wouldn't quit. Thus, pick no. Oh geez, someone might think you'll buy stuff if you pick no! *facepalm* Not the case? Well then not a big deal, is it?

    But for the sake of putting some balance, OP, you could add a "No, however I will not be purchasing these items" option. At least consider it.

    As for me, probably not going to purchase said items.

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    First off, I don;t think a fair wack of people actually read the OP, at least not correctly...
    Secondly, I don't see bias in that poll, I see one missing option, but not bias. Here's an idea, before you scream bias, how about you look it up first so you know wtf it is.
    Thirdly, why are you guys arguing about the xp buff item? It wasn't the topic, which ties into my first point.
    Nice kneejerk mmo'ers, nice kneejerk. Very true to your usual behaviour.

    OT:Yah if it goes to micro transactions and GEAR sales, I'm out, especially if it's still a sub game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
    OT:Yah if it goes to micro transactions and GEAR sales, I'm out, especially if it's still a sub game.
    Same here, I won't keep subbing to a game with micro transactions that include gear, pets I didn't care about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    That's because there's no effective floor to how easy / fast / convienent people want the content made.

    It won't be long at all until folks are signing petitions for live servers to be just like PTR (ie, availability of premade toons).

    As far as the cash shop, one could argue that they already (indirectly) crossed the P2W line with the cub pet.
    And there shouldn't be a "floor" for convenience of levelling, people should work a bit for what they want as well. (And god forbid if premade characters were every allowed past PTR borders).

    And the cub really isn't/wasn't P2W at all, it was so cheap that all could buy it, it could be sold on the AH in benefits of the people who don't have a creditcard. Okay, I admit that Blizzard forgot to put a lock on how many you were allowed to buy. But again, the servers where this pet went above 8k gold were just dumb.
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    I already quit because the game is so old and they think it's still worth $15 a month. If they make it free to play with buying virtual items in their store, I'll come back. So there you go, one of you quits, someone else comes back. Balances out nicely.

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    Honestly... who cares? -_-

    Yes it would be dumb of blizzard to put vanity items in the blizstore when they could just make it a rep or questline reward (honestly it seems like they have a hard enough time coming up with good vanity rewards like that let alone make something worth slapping a dollar sign on. Example; The Kirin'tor Offensive rep & questline reward is a friggin banner? Really...? /disappointed).

    It would be stupid of them to "sell" exclusive transmog sets when blizzard already has to deal with all the QQ over how each new tier/pvp set looks.

    Could they do it anyway? Sure. Would they get a lot of player backlash? Probably. Would people buy it anyway? Probably. Would it be worth quitting the game over? Hell no.

    The only way I could see Blizzard adding ingame store vanity items & xmog sets for cash is if WoW was Free to Play.
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    Would I quit if Blizzard introduced more content/features/functionality and more methods of delivering it?

    Stupid question. No. But then, I'm one of those heathens with real-life money who buys all the mounts from the Blizzard Store. I can understand how some loser with no job and no disposable income could be bitter about the cosmetic items I can get.
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