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    I press feint when there's gonna be aoe damage going out. No one NEEDS that kind of AoE reduction- otherwise you'd be forced to bring rogues- but if you want to take less damage, feint is a good button for that. If there's aoe around or damage going out that could result in a death, I will keep feint up for that part (certainly not the whole fight), as it increases the chances that healing will be more effective, and glyph of feint is a dps increase under those situations (because you spend less on feint).
    I understand that, but I'm just asking which fights in particular you feel you would take it. The only other fight that demands sustained feinting would be megeara, though you usually do 2 feints and 1 cloak with or without the glyph and that should cover it well. In this scenario it would probably be better to use glyph of sprint if dps is a concern.

    I'm not saying it's bad, I do often roll with it but I think this is the least mandatory one there is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verain View Post
    Well, this won't really change anything about that. You hemo in PvP primarily for CPs, and hemo will still be worth using. The big difference is that you'll be able to eviscerate a moderate health target instead of rupture them.
    I know you say that now, but 2 out of the 4 seasons I played as a Rogue Hemo was a viable alternative to backstab, and a preferable one at that due to the lower energy cost and lack of positional requirement while yielding a similar damage output. I still long for those days because our sustained damage is sickening right now.

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    I guess I was hoping for a larger re-vamp of rogue... but i guess some crappy new glyphs will sky rocket rogue to the most played class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demeia View Post
    I was wondering how they were going to get rid of Expose armor. They are looking for ways to chuck buttons; and this is a pretty obvious skill to do away with. I figured they'd bake it into something; FoK makes a lot of sense and gives us some utility. Smart design, IMO. However, god help me if I miss a FoK application since I actually must put up expose armor for my raid. I'll have to start again and build to 3.

    Love glyph of redirect. I bet this is their way of seeing how much of an impact 0 recharge redirect will have. It's about time. I don't think they will give us combo points on a rogue but a redirect like this would be fantastic.

    I'd probably take the redirect glyph becuase every time I do a freakin' AoE pack i seem to lose track of my combo points.
    How about "your abilities that generate combo points also apply weakened armor."

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    I guess I was hoping for a larger re-vamp of rogue... but i guess some crappy new glyphs will sky rocket rogue to the most played class.
    You can't expect the change over night. They stated it is coming, but likely over time. Little band-aids here and there to see how each pans out.

    And you're wrong, even when Rogues were OP and had daggers, there ws an increase but it was still the least played class. They are aware. Please research before forming opinions.
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    Warlocks were once the least played class now they're everywhere after major re tuning. Personally I don't mind having less people play same class I do, I don't want to be a Warrior or a Mage.

    I have to say we got kind of robbed of our stealth since other classes get to use it now and the only unique thing to ours is we get to attack for 3 seconds before stealth actually breaks.

    What I really came here for was to ask what 3 glyphs were most people going to use for PvP now with this hemo glyph out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crookids View Post
    They are aware
    And they're adding better visuals because of that (lol), they stated that we will not receive a warlock-style revamp but some changes and i have the strong feeling that those changes won't be enough to keep me playing my rogue (i'm not playing it anymore right now tbh, too much boredom)

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    If they manage to make sub more viable for t16, i would be happy-ish, otherwise i'll stick on Assa until next expansion.

    My prot warrior is full geared (in normal obviously and i don't think we will do more progress since summer and stuff) so now i have a couple of months more or less to deck my rogue for next tier (and i already started to play it again).
    Why worry about the future when you can just asfatatotl.

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    Sub is viable now if you really stick with it. The problem is that sub needs to be more than just "viable" to make it worthwhile.

    I tried sub on Heroic Jin'rokh last week. One thing you realize fast is that the boss frequently turns to cast crap all over the place, so VERY often you will be unable to backstab or ambush him from inside the pool. Maybe with substantially more effort I could find a way to ensure he doesn't do a cast during shadow dance, but that's certainly work I don't have to do as a mutilate rogue.

    Second, his ability to channel like a doof also renders him immune to our ass-centric kit of damage tools, such that you are a lot less effective during the big part of the fight where rogues shine.

    Third, a bunch of find weakness isn't as super as I had hoped, which is kind of surprising.

    The net effect was, I found it disappointing. Sub needs more target dummy dps than the other specs if it will ever see any PvE play- and as a night elf, I should see the motivation to switch earlier or stronger than the lesser races.

    I understand that, but I'm just asking which fights in particular you feel you would take it.
    I don't think there's been any PvP or PvE since MoP pre-patch where I haven't had this glyph. Briefly:
    I maintain full feint uptime during icedog part of heroic iron qon. We use that phase to regen healer mana, and the two melee and the tank split aoe damage. It's a very low damage phase for me, and while our group can definitely wipe on that fight, we absolutely can't wipe on that phase. So, glyph of feint gives me more globals and more energy. On reddog phase, I have feint uptime during the "catch the spears" part, as this makes the heals have a much easier job (and skips out the worrisome problem of another fight mechanic happening).

    On heroic trollyguy, I run it full time during the "watch while I channel lightning and you get to laugh at recruits standing in electricity". I have no intention of perfectionquesting the balls (and taking more of the passive damage) when I could just opt out of the ability to fail entirely for a very small dps loss- made much smaller by the feint glyph.

    On regular Lei Shen, back when that was progression, I maintained it full time while sitting in quadrant during transition phases. Since there are sometimes little adds to fight, it's also helpful then too.

    On heroic Horridon, I keep it active while tanking a venom priest, and generally during that second door. I also use it during the fourth door, should I pull aggro on mobs (common), and have it up almost full time during our Jalak kill part.

    Of course, it's also more useful for SPOT usage- damage does out, press feint. But if that happens more than a couple times per fight, the extra time on it just seems wonderful. I suspect this whole thing is kind of a setup, but seriously- strongly recommend this glyph.

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