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    Ok so whats the point in paying for a game your only going to see half of? raid finder shouldn't make a difference to half the people in this thread since they raid heroic anyway people these days just look for something to whine about or they aren't happy specially the wow community.

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    It does a whole lot to the community. How can you not see that? If everyone is doing LFR with total strangers on other realms, your own realm community will die, it's just a matter of time. Plus everyone will be spoiled and the mystery is gone(even if you dont think mystery matters, it actually does for alot of people).

    and lfr don't ruin the community on one server either the community on wow had gone down hill before raid finder came out in cata...so that argument is invalid as well
    It's the option to see more that drives people and keeps them paying. LFR actually destroys that incentive, while stuff like achivements and high cost mounts is he only option. You might think it's more fun to see and have everything, but when you actually get it you realize that it's the journey that made it fun, not the goal itself.

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    Actually, removing things that helped remove the "community" would bring the community back.
    Then Blizzard would lose subscribers so fast, the game would die overnight. I remember sitting in Shattrath City for FOUR HOURS trying to find a TANK just to do a dungeon. In fact, I created a tank just so I could always find dungeon groups, but once I out geared the content, I never wanted to go through the dungeons with her again, unless it was a personal favor to my friends and guild members. This isn't an isolated experience, which is why LFD was put into the game. It was wonderful being able to quest for thirty minutes until the dungeon group formed rather than doing nothing in a city until I could find that last person willing to run the dungeon. Now I see players complaining about long queue times, and all I can think is, "You really have no idea..."

    LFD was so successful that Blizzard implemented LFR, which has also been a huge success. If they removed LFD and LFR, they'd lose so many players, they'd probably stop production on the game altogether (or make it free to play).

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    It would just be so funny if Blizzard removed LFR, and WoW would drop another 2-3 mil subs, then Blizzard would say "ok guyz, so few people raiding now so we can't spend dev time making them anymore, have fun!".

    I would laugh at OP and all elitist asshats

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    LFD and LFR did exactly what you just showed. It dropped wow from 12+ million subscribers to 8 million(you didn't link that number) now in MoP. Of course LFD and LFR is not everything to blame, the game is also old. But it certainly does not help. What "keeps" people in the game nowdays is getting fed quickly by new content, not the community itself, which is kinda sad.
    The community you tout was a pipe dream that never actually existed. Sure if a noob that misbehaved because they didn't understand social rules existed you could black list him off the server but the truth of the matter is there were always going to be people who could get away with misbehaving because the other people in their group would get a laugh out of it and slap them on the back. Policing players on your server only worked if they didn't have a group of friends that thought bad behavior was worth a lol.

    But thats not the problem with LFR, the problem with LFR is that people who were deemed 'undesirable' get access to content and the special snowflake club has been closed permanantly.

    I dont want anonymous jackasses to throttle the content door, I want Blizzard to set the requirements to see the content.

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    It would just be so funny if Blizzard removed LFR, and WoW would drop another 2-3 mil subs, then Blizzard would say "ok guyz, so few people raiding now so we can't spend dev time making them anymore, have fun!".

    I would laugh at OP and all elitist asshats
    Then all the people who clear LFR and unsub because they've seen everything would play for longer working through normals, and subs would rise. Then Blizzard would say 'Oh, LFR is making it too easy, I guess we wont go down that road again'.

    I would laugh at all the casual whiners and you.

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    This is such a good point! I see this all the time! Players who are forming raids want the players they're gathering to have an item level equal to or exceeding the content they want to raid. I've often said to people, "If I already had the gear, I wouldn't even want to raid it!" It basically comes down to one poorly geared "hardcore" player who wants to gear his alt, and he's only accepting people who outgear the content so they'll carry them through it.

    Few people take into consideration that when we enter that first raid at the start of each new expansion, we're ALL wearing blues. There's little point in raiding content you outgear unless you're just doing it for the hell of it.
    See? That's the problem with you people, it's all about the gear..........for me and most people who actually raid normal/heroic the gear is just a tool to beat the challenge, but again you guys fear challenge it seems and only want the loots.

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    I think after 134 pages, all that can be said, has been said. We're going in circles at this point with the same arguments over and over and over interspersed with flaming against the OP and the usual "oh, this thread again?"-style posts.

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