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    Leveling : Fury vs Arms

    I've been googling and everything is "old". Right now, if you're decked in every possible heirlooms, what's the best 1-90 spec?
    I didn't put Prot there, I know it deals insane damage in dungeon but I'm going DPS spec.

    I heard fury is harder because of low crit and low hit, is this still true to this day?
    Other post said that arms rotation is "smoother".

    I kinda want to go Fury but I also don't want to gimp myself and let's be honest, it's fun to top DPS in instances.


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    Go prot and top dps in dungeons

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    Arms can easily top dps in low level instances as well. Just how you play and gear your toon!
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    Arms has more stuff to smack during leveling and with heirlooms a charge>mortal strike>1or2 overpowers>victory rush should be enough easily.

    Hell when I level one in cata once you get slam all you do is charge, mortal strike, slam and it died

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    Also arms doesn't need another two handed axe with crusader when leveling. That and well... Fuck best leveling spec aquire arms
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    Go prot, enough said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefkow View Post
    Go prot, enough said.
    Yes! Too bad I said I didn't want to go prot in my op.

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    Arms it is !

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    They're both clunky and boring until really high levels and even then they're still kinda derpy until you've got nice gear.

    I don't care what you said in your OP. Go prot. Hell even if you don't want to tank, queue as DPS and don't use defensive stance. You'll still be top DPS and have a better experience.

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    go prot and spam revenge to level 85 then go arms.

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