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    Demonology help

    Hey guys,

    Need some help. Have been very busy recently with a Christmas away and then a wedding and honeymoon I have been left out of the loop with what to gear towards.

    My guild isn't going to be trying for any world or realm firsts but I feel that I am letting them down with my reforge and stat choices. I can't post my armory link due to not posting enough however my character is called dotheaven on khaz'goroth.

    I am currently gemming and reforging to the 8,100 haste breakpoint however it just doesn't seem to equate to decent dps. I am currently sitting on around 144k dps on nalak with no potion.

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    From what I see you also have the legendary metagem which will greatly boost your dps.You are not sitting exactly at 8100 haste so you can swap one of the reckless vermillion onyxes with an artful one (intellect+mastery) to get to the breakpoint precisely but it will not boost your damage that much.You just need training in your opener and general rotation also the veilled imperial amethyst you can swap it with a sensei wild jade to stay hit capped and get a bit more mastery.But those are really minor upgrades.There are some macros to contribute to a big opener but after that you just need to get used to the rotation/priority and make good use of any uvls proc ESPECIALLY if one comes up when all your procs/buffs are up.This is where the glyph of everlasting affliction comes up which can help you keep doom up for a longer period of time,considering you will get a perfect aim proc during your burst,which will counter the -20% damage loss on the actual damage but gain from the longer crit ticking damage.
    This is Sparkuggz's guide for demonology which can help you a lot and also contains the macros for the opener etc:
    Demonology Guide

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    that depends entirely on whether or not he has the UVLS tho.

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    Thanks for your help. I didn't realise a macro was the way to go for the opening so I will definetly try that out and just keep hitting the training dummies.

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    well, you dont have to use macros, but its prolly easiest if yu're new to the spec. also if you have the lfr version of the uvls you're not certain that it will proc on pull or rather you wont have the same proc chance as the higher ilvl versions.

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    Well you can search his armory he has listed his character name and server.He has the 510 uvls (lfr upgraded is something but you should keep a mogu rune and the vp to upgrade a normal one imo or a TF even better).But yeah exactly what they said the proc chance on the lfr version is really low you might not even get it to proc with your buffs/other procs up but still.And yes the macro is basically to help you understand the opener rotation if you are new to the spec.

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    sadly, the ilvl on the trinket is what calculates how much it procs, and the lfr version is quite far behind.
    Taken from the icy veins lock trinket thread,
    - Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen – 0.525 RealPPM on damage/absorb from harmful spells and periodic spells. No ICD. Proc rate multiplied by 0.00 for non-caster specs. Proc rate multiplied by 0.5 for Balance Druids. Proc rate multiplied by 0.25 against player controlled units. Proc rate multiplied by 1/(1.15^((528-ItemLevel)/15) for the various Item Level versions of the trinket.

    LFR = 1.2 * 0.525 * .7849 = 0.494 Real PPM (121.45 sec CD)
    Reg = 1.2 * 0.525 * .9456 = 0.596 Real PPM (100.67 sec CD)
    HC = 1.2 * 0.525 * 1.0674 = 0.672 Real PPM (89.29 sec CD)

    Full Haste Heroic Thunderforged and Upgraded Twice calculation
    HC TF Ux2 (549 ilvl) w/45% Raid Haste = 0.525 * 1.45 * 1.2161 = 0.928 PPM = 64.65 sec CD
    I still have the normal upgraded one, and 8/10 times it will go off on the opener, and all is good, but the 2/10 times, ill be sitting there for 2 min into the fight with no crit proc.

    Demo has a very powerful opener, and it does count a lot towards your overall dps on a fight. The shorter the fight, the more dps you will see. The guide that was posted is a really really good source for you to learn, so on that note, I dont really have much more to add.

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