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    The attendance boss critting your guild. Been in 3 guilds so far in my wow time that fell apart due to attendance issues. Pretty sure others have been in more. Even if you've been in just one, you know the feeling. It sucks.

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    The hardest part for me is dealing with meter humpers who are completely obsessed with ranking on WoL, almost always to the detriment of the raid group. We have a prot warrior who picked up the DPS meta gem because "the tank gem sucks for warriors" I don't care what anyone says, 20% less physical damage is huge during heroic progression, the dude gets one shot occasionally by heroic ji'kun. Shows me a log of horridon, pointing out that he took less melee damage than our druid tank who does have the tank meta. I point out to him that he had less uptime on the boss, and the druid tanked him through most of the berserk.

    We'd replace him if we could find someone better, but sadly, at least until these virtual mergers hit, the player pool on my server is atrocious. The only tanks interested in heroic progression are already in raid groups.

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    In a group of 10 or 25 people, there will be varying degrees of ability. The people with the worst ability will be perceived as sucky by the ones who are best.

    So, logically, if you are in a raid group that you perceive as being full of people who don't suck, the one who sucks is you.

    Personally, I'm happiest in a group where there are some people who are better than me and some who are worse. The ones who are better give me something to strive for and the ones who are worse soothe my ego.

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    100% true.
    When someone says that women can not join a raid there's only one question left.
    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    They raid without healers?

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    finding at least other 9 people that know what they need to do and they don't need to be handheld >_>

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    The hardest part about raiding is simply this; The reality of peoples commitment versus the Illusion their ego creates.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    Op if you yourself are skilled then you would have ZERO challenge finding a guild that does not suck . Im thinking maybe your a semi skilled player and have a problem finding people who are about as skilled as you are .

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    It is always easy to vet good players. If you had the time, you could vet a mass of players and assemble a great raid team (assuming of course those people have the same free time as you).

    The game is full of great players; sadly, time directly impacts availability. Availability and when someone is able to play has always been my Achilles heel to raiding.

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    Maintaining a consistent level of 'skilled' players.

    I say skilled because there's a variance of skill. Especially when it comes to rotation vs awareness vs accountability vs not being a royal douchebag.
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    I find it hilarious that it's always "time commitment" or "other people sucking" that supposedly prevent someone to clear the heroic content easily and without breaking a sweat.

    Be it hardcores who claim everything is easy and it's just because everyone else but them sucked that they couldn't kill Kel'Thuzad in Vanilla, or casuals who picture themselves able to dismember Kil'Jaeden but the only thing preventing them to do it was "time commitment", it still just look like the usual "well, I'm a hotshot and could do everything with one hand, but, err, there is always something completely unrelated to my abilities which prevents me to go further" ^^

    I'd say the hardest thing in raiding is when people's illusions about themselves crash against reality and they look for scapegoats
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    Hardest part of raiding? Having the time to be able to spend 12h+ a day on a boss. You spend that long on something and it will eventually die, even if you drag 10/15% of your raid kicking and screaming through it.

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    Hardest part about raiding is getting a guild who can continue raiding farm content over the summer without getting burnt out. Truly, the summer destroys most guilds (and rightly so IMO).

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    Finding players that can take constructive criticism and learn from their mistakes. The biggest problem with the "bad" players I've run across is they don't evolve. The way they play is how they play and you can go fuck yourself for suggesting differently.

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    It's not one thing. For the raids I've been in (10 man normals), it's a knot of intersecting things:

    1) Finding 10 people of the right roles who are all good. Not awesome, but who can execute their roles reasonably well and learn from mistakes reasonably quickly and who don't make Raiding 101 errors (standing in fire = bad, etc)

    2) Getting 2-4 people who are OK to backup those 10 so that having one of the core raid group not show up doesn't kill the raid. Rotating these folks in so they stay interested, etc is a challenge too - you want to have them see fights, get gear and stay interested but they're more likely to hold you back a bit because they're not raiding all the time.

    3) Finding nights that work for the above the vast majority of the time.

    4) Finding people who realize that sometimes you'll hit snags and that they need to power through those with the raid vs quitting or jumping raids the second you have a tough reset.

    5) The inverse of #4 - finding people who help you power through those snags and who don't take 3 resets to learn the basics of a fight.

    6) as always, recruiting. It's why having a bench is critical, but at some point recruiting is something you have to do and it's thankless, annoying, not fun.

    Other raids will have different issues...

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    There just aren't enough players willing to help themselves first because there isn't much reason to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriss View Post
    One of the hardest parts of raiding is to find a bunch of like-minded people with similar skill and similar expectations and goals so as to form a homogenous group. The greatest problems in a raid arise from too much variation in the aforementioned areas.

    Therefore "not sucking" is extremely relative. If you're a newbie and only starting with raiding, you probably should take your baby steps with other people like you. If you're hardcore, you'll probably be happiest in a raid consisting of hardcores. If you're average, you need a raid that is average as well. And all the grey areas inbetween too. A handful of strong people carrying a bunch of weak guys with the average-good people in the middle won't go down too well, mostly because the strong ones will eventually become dissatisfied.
    Hey man my guild carried noobs for 8 years!

    IMO the hardest part about raiding is recruiting, guilds are just revolving doors. You need to replace the good people that left with other good people. You eventually start replacing A+ players with A- players and overtime the guild will die.

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    Disagree, hardest part is finding reliable people who will stay with you, through thick and thin, who will be there for the good times and the bad. The ones who despite it being the hottest summer on record don't sudden vanish for 6 weeks.

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    Finding players who don't suck, or those who do but are willing to learn to improve, is not really as difficult as many forum posters make it out to be. It's finding people that can actually commit to raid times and that don't consistently "call-out." Still, for 10m guilds this is really not difficult. It's a big problem in 25m. Replacing one tardy person is a lot easier than replacing three.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vemynal View Post
    That statement is kind of arrogant ... you assume that either other players or the raidgroup itself suck, no other possibility. Did you even consider you find a nice group and they kick you because, in their opinion, you suck?
    Which is exactly what his question said, finding players who don't suck. He didn't say "I don't kill bosses cause everyone else sucks", he said the hardest part of raiding is finding people who don't suck.

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    Lol false.
    Raiding is all about having a regular group/guild who raids with u.

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