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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Or maybe, alien creatures should look... alien. Not like humans with hooves and horns.
    This is World of Warcraft. It's not supposed to be realistic. It's not here to make a point. It's here to give people shit to do in their spare time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kynthrus View Post
    I always thought the eredar were different, their species were related but they weren't the same.
    Draenei are simply renamed Eredar. Draenei means "exiled" in the Eredar language. The demonic Eredar are called Man'ari, which means "twisted". They are demonic versions of the original Eredar, aka the Draenei. They are in fact very related and very much the same, except one was bathed in fel energy, and one was basked in Light.

    On topic, I don't find the female Draenei out of proportion or any more "pin up girl" than any other race. Almost every female or every race has larger breasts than she should, wider hips than she should, and has some "perfect" features that don't make them like real people. real people have different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many people dislike characters based on how they look. I don't see the male or female pandaren as "fat" since they actually have quite a bit of muscle to them as well. People dislike Theradras and Therazane since they are rather rotund in nature. However, I do see quite a few females in-game sexualized just for the sake of doing so, such as plate bikinis or the Goblin calendars of female Goblins in underwear on top of motorcycles.

    However, it's quite the same for males as well. Almost every male of every race is super buff, has a smaller waist, a rather iconic voice, etc. This is how men are pressured to see themselves as well. For some men, it's just as disheartening to see these "ideal" men, since that's not what most men even look like. This problem persists in magazines, movies, video games, etc. Men just don't tend to vocalize it as much as women, since there is more pressure for women to be "beautiful" than men. But, don't think for a second that men aren't ridiculed for being overweight, bald, pale, etc. This extends to male Draenei as well (minus, you know, the legs and tail and facial tentacles). They have extremely broad shoulders, muscles larger than my entire body, deep chest, small waist, etc. They, in many ways, are how men "should" look, and have lots of qualities that media tells men how they "should" be. The female draenei are no more or less pressuring in their image than the males of their race, imo.
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    btw: Spires of Arak = Arakkoa.

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    I think they look fine^^

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    I just realized that Soraka is a Draenei.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Or maybe, alien creatures should look... alien. Not like humans with hooves and horns.
    Because a humanoid with goat legs, hooves, and horns isn't very alien...oh wait, You should go to speccsavers if you think that looks human

    Human=/=Humanoid learn the difference people
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Or maybe, alien creatures should look... alien. Not like humans with hooves and horns.
    What the fuck are you talking about they look alien enough lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    a very small tail that looks nothing like as it should.
    This probably is/was a technical limitation. A long, flexible tail that moves naturally in a number of animations and works with a variety of pants models? If they didn't absolutely nail it, it would've probably been more distracting than anything. Just my 2 cents.

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    If it bothers you that much,hope that the future model update will make the Draenei females look more closely as the artworks.

    That's what i'm hoping for Blood Elf female and male,i want them to also have the tattoos they have on their faces and a "corrupt" expression on their faces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summerdrake View Post
    Not sure if serious? Never heard a man say he won't group with male characters because they make males look good to women. Such insecurity we only hear from women, it's kinda poisonous hysterical running in circles mentality, women are really the worst enemy of women.

    No, ingame they look just right, the size of your horns look out of place. When creatures get hit by fel energies they change appearance and some things grow n loook more red orcs with huge teeth. Also, your tails look too big. They need to be visually different than common demonic creatures, even though they have similar features, otherwise they won't look like good guys that they are. So that's why they are scaled down.
    Actually we do, sexist person. Except us guys refer to those types of gentlemen as tools, or douchebags in real life
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    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    most of my chars are fem Draenei, I love how they look and hope new models will be even more sexy.
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    I have no issue with it. Sure there dollies and done up like so, but then are are most of the females in wow, even with races you'd expect the females to be more 'homely'.

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    I don't get why people get offended with attractive characters in their game, I'd hate to play an MMO where all characters are ugly and/or fat and I think WoW has a good balance between attractive and less attracive races.

    Also, WoW doesn't let you chose you character's body type but GW2 (for exemple) does and I haven't seen a single fat human since I started playing, wonder why that is...probably because most people prefer to not play with a fat character if they have the choice, so I don't think it would change much if they had that choice in WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heenk View Post
    They're a digusting manifestation of Male Gaze in the media, and a slap in the face of feminism. I make it a point never to group with any female dranei.
    Sorry, i like too look at boobs. And i see guys from billzard agree with me. So it's our game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaozu View Post
    There probably is yes, it's just yet another one of the NPC races that Blizzard didn't bother to make both genders for, because that would effectively reduce the amount of NPC types by about half. Either you make two new races with male only models, or you make one new race with male and female models. Unless the race is playable or has essential story for why we need to see the female version of it, they tend to skip it and only make the male version.

    It's the same with Ethereals, Ogres, bird people, Kobolds, Gnolls, Hozen, Jinyu, Satyrs and lots of others that I probably missed.
    Well, Ogres were meant to have low Sexual Dimorphism I believe, so the females look nearly identical to the males to most people. I'm sure this will be abandoned if they ever become playable though so that players can be the new sexy ogre ladies with lots of bouncy curves.

    Arakkoa are the same. There are known female Arakkoa in game that look exactly like the males. Given that they're clearly based on birds (and skeksis) its understandable the genders would look alike.

    Gnolls - I think the theory that Hogger is actually a girl was actually pretty believeable. go figure.

    Satyrs - I'm not even sure they have gender. they reproduce by others falling victim to the curse which turns them into a default Satyr. Even if other races become Satyrs they end up looking exactly the same. Maybe if women fall victim to the curse they all look exactly the same as the others too. Interesting topic though.

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    Insulting? To females, perhaps, you wish to say? Nope, I like playing this graceful, tall, somewhat-alien being. Yep, I'm female, and I like playing a pretty female character.

    My first character was human (Draenei not available q.q) warlock. And I preferred her over the other races because her model was realistic enough to identify somewhat with her, considering the RPG aspect of the game that I never quite got into. Animations of humans suck somewhat though. Draenei animations are much more fluent and elegant, and because of them being so tall, gear tends to look extremely nice on them. I do cover up the legs with a kilt all the time though because pants just aren't my thing.

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    female draeneis are so insulting that they are the only race/sex combo my girlfriend will play...

    seriously, my g/f plays all her toons as female draenei, because in her opinion all the other race's females are ugly. the only other one she plays is worgen, which is only because you can't be a draenei druid.
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    I think they look pretty. I don't see how looking pretty is demeaning for women? I am perfectly attracted to real flesh and blood women even without their tails, goat legs and tentacled faces. Human females in WoW have absurdly huge weapons that look even more ridiculous than usual (just look at a big one-handed sword like Quel'Serrar or something) and I can't stand it, so I make my female Alliance characters space goats. Draenei are tall and powerful as well as pretty. I'd be fine if they got made to look like some of the artwork, I'm sure they'd still look cool.

    Still not buying into how looking good is a bad thing though. Not convinced it is a female-only problem either. I'm not a 10ft tall muscular minotaur and I never will be but hey, I like playing one in a vidya game because I look like a big solid wall of armour and muscle. I feel weak compared to a Tauren because, of all things, I AM. Can't see how women are insecure that they aren't as pretty as their characters...especially since they probably aren't as good as shooting fireballs or dual-wielding greatswords or flying rockets upside down and backwards as their characters either.
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    Please feminists, describe an "ideal" or "normal" body proportions for females word wide.

    Do you really get offended if you see a woman with big breasts, wide hips etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisho View Post
    Please feminists, describe an "ideal" or "normal" body proportions for females word wide.

    Do you really get offended if you see a woman with big breasts, wide hips etc?
    "blah blah blah they're just conforming to the hegemonic ideal of body type instead of doing what is healthy even though I have no idea how healthy they are blah blah blah"

    Something like that.

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    I love them fine as is. Don't want the huge, long sweeping tails they have in the artwork linked on page 1. Sure I'd like to see more detailed models, but the look itself? Love it. Hell, I comment all the time that I'd kill to have my draenei's body. :P

    So no, not insulting to me.

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