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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisho View Post
    Please feminists, describe an "ideal" or "normal" body proportions for females word wide.

    Do you really get offended if you see a woman with big breasts, wide hips etc?

    If they do then they are going to hate Dragon's Crown.
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    I think they look fine.

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    Well we're on the subject of draenei, something worth addressing is the male counterpart.

    How often I hear how people hate the male draenei and there design, with the massive barrel chests, horse legs and huge arms. Me, I love there design, because its such a unique look, and unlike the female counterpart, which is just another dolly model with big butt, thin waist and tiny, dinky feet (hooves.. how the f*** do female draenei stand on those?), the males actually stands out and make more sense from an asphetic point of view. I love it because alliance needed a race that was powerful built, and it seems to fit a lot more into this role, unlike the females who are just another pretty girl (because the alliance really needed another one didn't they)


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    Quote Originally Posted by rogueMatthias View Post

    Arakkoa are the same. There are known female Arakkoa in game that look exactly like the males. Given that they're clearly based on birds (and skeksis) its understandable the genders would look alike.
    ESPECIALLY in birds males look NOTHING like the females. The intraspecies dimorphism couldn´t be greater.

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    My spine hurts when I look at them.

    In all seriousness, they look all right, I guess, but one thing I don't like about some of the race design in WoW is that the males look like Trolls, Draenei, Worgen, etc - whilst the females look like painted humans with over-exaggerated sexual dimorphic features and 'cutesy' faces. Granted, it works for a race like the Goblins, but for Worgen and Pandaren? As for lady Draenei, I'd certainly play one if they looked more 'alien' and less like 'blue Blood Elf with horns, hooves, and tail'. Just my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    This one looks awesome. I'd play a Draenei that looked like her in an instant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RicardoZ View Post
    I find it more insulting that in general Blizzard feels the need to dress up almost all of their female characters like Azerothian hookers. Only Jaina really dresses with any kind of modesty and shows any sort of self-respect in the way she presents herself.

    But, then again the art team does seem to be an old boy's club and they probably draw out the kinds of things they have fantasized over for years so I guess you can't really fault them, but I know a lot of female players (my wife included) would prefer some more female characters that didn't run around looking like sluts all day.
    Honestly, as a female, it really irks me the base of players that complain about the "sexuality" in the female races. The only ones that see "Azerothian hookers" are the ones that are hating or have no self esteem. What do I see? I see a strong woman, someone proudly declaring, owning up to, and accepting of themselves. We don't call men who walk around in jeans with no shirt, man whores. Stop trying to gain respect/acceptance/understanding through images. As for your wife, that's why there is transmogs and I'm sorry but there are so few "slutty" as you say, outfits these days that its harder to find them than it was before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    If they do then they are going to hate Dragon's Crown.
    OK, now that's exactly what I was talking about before when I mentioned the tendency of many Asian games to go to absurd levels on the "attractive" models (being a pornstar/supermodel rather than Bliz's "most attractive person in your class/workplace" approach.)

    Although I'd personally say that one goes out the other side of attractive & heads for "comically misproportioned " instead =)
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    Draenei in general are abominations. Had they actually looked like their Wc3 counterparts (the broken) I might have rolled one the few times I play Alliance.

    Draenei are the product of Blizzard not wanting to break formula as they thought giving the Alliance a weird/ugly race wouldn't be good for people rolling the new race. Hence instead of the rich (but ugly) and interesting broken we are introduced to in Wc3 we are given skinny human females with broken backs, horns and a tail.

    Maybe some might view female Draenei insulting for reasons of unrealistic looks and not alien enough for an alien race, I find them insulting because they changed their entire background in order to give them a 'pretty' race. I emphasize pretty because I still think they are fucking ugly.

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    the game is what we make of it. My female pally is covered in full thick-armor gear and looks like a literal tank.

    while i can see the point people are making with how spindly the female draenai look, they are what we make them in the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heenk View Post
    They're a digusting manifestation of Male Gaze in the media, and a slap in the face of feminism. I make it a point never to group with any female dranei.
    I know this feel bro. I won't group with any gnomes.

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    how can you care about such small things, when there's draenei male that needs deleting and creating new one (not changing, but deleting!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apathy - View Post
    What the fuck are you talking about they look alien enough lol
    Nah man I see ppl with blue skin, horns, hooves, tails and backwards knees all the time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wowaccounttom View Post
    they are too fat and too short, other than that, they are okay.
    Lol. People like you are the bane of society, really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kynthrus View Post
    Draenei didn't exist in lore until BC... so how is the depiction in game (their introduction) insulting?
    Not true, Draenei was in Warcraft 3 and they were in Classic wow too

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    I think they should look more exotic; I do like the second artwork pic where the female Draenei is still pretty but in a weird alien way, and not as a human with blue skin/hooves/horns/tail. That's a problem with many RPGs though; most non-human races look like "funny looking humans" instead of actually looking like a different race.
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    this thread.... i dont even.......

    @OP you should really post some pictures to back your things >_>

    @Yarathir in game art=/= fan made art or w.e it is -_- thats like saying human in real life doesnt look like human in wow in oceanic now Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakhesis View Post
    Although I'd personally say that one goes out the other side of attractive & heads for "comically misproportioned " instead =)

    It’s not depressing that the sort of art that started all this still gets made, and I think there is a place for that kind of character design. The depressing bit is that we can’t seem to have an intelligent discussion about it.

    The tradition of big-busted female characters in fantasy stretches back decades, and this isn’t a surprise in an art form that’s so heavily consumed by men. The covers of the pulp novels showed that men were supposed to be covered in muscles, able to swing huge swords with little difficulty, festooned with beautiful women and their heaving, barely-covered breasts. These are effective, primal images.

    This tradition is its own problem, simply because it’s been done. It’s old, creaky, and a relic from another time. There is nothing wrong with taking a swim in these waters, but it’s also worth pointing out how obvious, boring, and overdone they’ve become since the '70s.
    The Art of Dragon's Crown is over the top, but I am sick of "critics" from Kotaku and Penny Arcade.

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    There was no point to this thread to begin with

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