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    Q about the viablility and need to have pieces for each dps-spec

    So I am currently gearing my dk through our farm progression (10 hc bosses) and playing my main on dark animus and lei shen hc. And i do get some gear but currently i have a 2h from council normal 2/2, 2 x 1h heroic from jinrokh and no feather of any rarity. Sitting with Spark hc and 2/2 VP trinket.
    I am mostly wondering should i stay 2h frost, go dw frost or is it viable to play UH but not FB? Or could one play FB without feather (seems far fetched tho)?
    armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%B3rir/simple

    I do have a few hc mastery offpieces if it would be viable for dw to drop 4set to increase str and mastery instead.

    It more or less comes down to me playing my alt on lei shen 25 man hc for gorefiends grasp on the bouncers in p2 and on. And i want to bring as much as possible to the table. Dps demands are allready tight and atm im pulling alot less on my alt then on my 546 ilvl hunter.
    Thankfull for any kind of intput.

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    Unholy is perfectly viable without playing fb, but that's besides my point... and that is that you should absolutely play DW frost until you have a better 2h weapon. Two heroic 1h weapons are going to be noticeably better dps than a 522 2h sword. As far as playing unholy if you so choose, you are perfectly fine playing fb right now due to the fact that your trinkets are better than your weapon, and that's where festerblight shines. I dunno whether fbunholy or dw frost would put out more dps for you but try them both if you feel like it. Just don't play 2h frost with the current options you have.

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    okok, i have upgraded the 2h twice ofc so its 530 ilvl but as it seems i should use 2x hc weps or just go UH. Prob go haste>master>crit then to swap for aoe burst as dw and steady dps as UH FB or not. Thanks for the advice

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    I agree with what torment says , fb isn't really viable w/o feather , but normal unholy can still produce the dps. I am constantly switching between all 3 specs in tot

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