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    Virtual Realm and Character Transfer


    Is there any point in paid character transfers? I'm just reading about virtual realms, so I'm not entirely caught up.

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    If you are concerned about transferring because of virtual realms, id wait. They still haven't released information on how exactly it will work. Things like which realms, and how many are still not released.

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    No idea (outside of Blizzard boardrooms) how servers will be grouped up, so it's probably better to wait and see. If you're on a totally dead realm and desperate to go elsewhere, go nuts, but I would wait it out if possible.

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    Ah. Yeah, I began transferring a few characters to a new realm.

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    If you have a particular destination in mind, realm transfer is what you want. Although if you wait, you might luck out and get VR'd with that realm.

    If you are just looking for a larger population, waiting for VR would suit you.

    If you don't want to wait, then transfer now. VR is still probably a few months down the road.
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    If you just want to have more people around you without haveing to transfer, wait for Virtual Realms, or atleast the Blog on how they will work. Since thier basicly merges.
    If you have a destination in mind or want to be around certain specific peopel in a particual realm, you'l still need to transfer.

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