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    Talking Epic Rift Giveaway

    hello as a means to give back to the fans of a sure to be excellent mmo i am giving away 6k in in store credits various items are up for grabs. the date is july 10 2013 and the site is <SNIP>, i will be leveling a fresh toon 1-??? with the viewers via various means (ia's,dungeons) and so forth make sure to come out early and chat it up with me the broadcaster and i hope to see you there

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    From personal experience on my you-tube channel, and also in my businesses, give-aways don't work.

    They lack "customer retention" as people always want "more" free stuff. Deliver content that people find worthwhile and they will come back on their own. This is what Totalbiscuit does, AngryJoe does and others. I personally want people to watch my stuff, to make suggestions, to criticize, to "care" - not just be there to get things.

    In business and you-tube, give-aways just attract the leechers. Have give-aways by all means when you hit different mile-stones like "one year in business" or "1,000 subscribers", but not as the "reason" for people visiting your channel.
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