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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuyek View Post
    Mother of.... epicness! Looks great! Any ideas if it shows only when it procs, or all the time? Also, it seems that those wings are from the Jadefire cloak, are there more pics from other capes aswell?
    that was the only pic wowdb posted on twitter. all they said was they made them look more legendary so im assuming its all the time but i dont know for sure

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    DK set is uninspiring. I thought we're gonna get some nasty black Sha inspired set instead of this mediocre junk.

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    I'm so confused about the theme for this tier. Are we just...taking parts of Orgrimmar and sticking them on us?

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    I rather like the DK set, it reminds me of warrior t4 for some reason.

    A question for those of you who like to theorize about such things: based on the PTR testing cycle so far, how close is the patch to being ready?

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    Dear Blizz - stop making enclosed "helms" if you want anyone to actually use them visually. Every single damn helm hides the face.

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    Hmm almost every set so far looks shit. Probably the most uninspiring themes we've ever had.

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    I like the DK set. I feel that sets should be a little more simplistic. I dont like the ones that are all gaudy.

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    Those rogue glyphs...

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    DK set is... bland.

    BUT, Glyph of the Skeleton?! HELL YEAH, I always wanted my pet to be a skeleton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    :O !

    Now i demand glowing tigerpaws for the melee / hunter cloak.

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    Those Rogue glyphs made me smile so hard, maybe I'll play mine again sometime. Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins FTW!!

    Only problem now is that a lot of that should be baseline at this point, not glyphs.

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    I really don't care what the new Tier sets look like as I have most of my favorite sets compiled for each character I play. In the case of my DK, I went back to the Tier 8.5 set since it really compliments a DK. It's dark, has skulls, has spikes, and has a complex yet minimalist design.

    That said, I wonder if the changes to Horn of Winter to become a one hour buff will change the way it's used in regards to your priority system for the RP it gives. If you still cast it ten times in a fight for the RP, then the one hour buff would be kind of moot with the exception of soloing stuff out in the wild. If that's the case, I'd just opt in for the Loud Horn glyph.

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    I think blizzard missed Medieval History 101... the day you learn how suits of armor are supposed to cover our necks... the most vulnerable part of our bodies. Not expose them like the DK tier set. T_T

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    dk helmet reminds me off warrior one in icc

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    That awkward moment when the floating belt (bug) is the best part of that dk set...

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    DK armor should be Paladin armor. Paladin armor should be Priest armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathiest View Post
    DK armor should be Paladin armor. Paladin armor should be Priest armor.
    No. I don't want the ugly dk tier to be my set. And it does not even look like paladin tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alesa View Post
    Only problem now is that a lot of that should be baseline at this point, not glyphs.
    Meh, it's a step in the right direction at the very least.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulqiorra View Post
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    geez, don't they understand that the 'clown gear' was only a problem back then because you didn't have the option to transmog the matching sets together.
    Clearly the classic looks is popular, sure not everyone is going to like that, but it would be nice if they did a bit more of those next to the more boring looks of these days.

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    I am curios how a priest with 5.4 pvp gear ( the one that has wings) , this legendary cloak with wings, archangel glyph AND glyph of feathers ( if it's different wing model and doesn't rewrite anything) will look like. That's like 4 sets of wings right there hehe.

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