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    Patch 5.4 PTR - Build 17153

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    Yay, more Warlock nerfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gihelle View Post
    Yay, more Warlock nerfs.
    Wouldn't be a patch without them in there somewhere.

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    Are they already fixing numbers? because half the classes are still mechanicly broken.... f*** logic.

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    Yay, another hunter nerf

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    WTB dungeon journals for Galakras, Spoils of Pandaria, Heroic Garrosh, and the rest of Sha of Pride...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gihelle View Post
    Yay, more Warlock nerfs.
    Yay, more Warlock nerfs.

    -Said the entire community

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    Typical MMO-Champion thread. patch notes followed by 75% of posters mindlessly crying about their class being nerfed.

    Timeless Island seems to be very interesting with a lot of different things going on, but it is hard to tell. IMHO, Barrens was a bit of a waste because there was not much replay value. I did it once to get the pet, the rest of the gear rewards were downgrades on my main. For alts, it was a way to get some upgrades, but there are much easier and faster ways to do that. Plus, either you solo´d a crapload of easy mobs, or your ganked the bosses (if you were on during peak times with a lot of other players). Escorting caravans and toppled wagons never really were viable.

    It looks like Timeless Island will have a lot of rare spawns, the AC guys, and a bunch of hidden treasures and min-events. But that could all turn out like the Barrens stuff and just not be viable or worthwhile.

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    Pandaren Monk Beefkow's Avatar
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    Lol, still no buff to single target damage for arms warriors.

    Every time i say that phrase, ill owe myself 10 pushups, eventually ill end up doing over 500 (aw man, my upper body is gonna fail me).

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    Storm crow mount looks sick!

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    lol @ new models

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    storm crow mount is almost 100% the heroic garrosh's too awesome

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    Lootable Garrosh is only his mantle, not his body... here's hoping he lives - seems a waste to kill the character after so much build up. If not a redemption, let's have him live to fight us another day!

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    Wtf is with the SW: Death nerf?...

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    Do we know where Vicious Skeletal Warhorse and Vicious Warsaber are coming from?

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    Judging by how Garrosh's mantle is the only thing lootable, I'm gonna make a prediction that his body gets completely obliterated after his corrupted transformation. Maybe he'll blow up all anti-climatically like Deathwing did at the end of the Madness fight. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivena View Post
    storm crow mount is almost 100% the heroic garrosh's too awesome
    The mount is the wolf, not the storm crow. It wouldn't make sense for him to drop that.

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    Yey another awesome hunter nerf, what else do you want to nerf blizzard? Wanna replace our range weapons with simple rocks and dirt?

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    Man not even an ilvl upgrade on the on the legendary cloak. Really hope they add more than just these procs and add some animations to the cloaks or something.

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    That Storm Crow mount looks neat. I hope they refine it just a little bit.

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