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    Returning to Wow after a brief break . where should I start ?

    First of I would like to apologize if ive posted this in the wrong sub forum , and apologies to anyone getting annoyed as it is likely these types of thread crop up all the time , however im finding it hard to coordinate what I should exactly do because of the shtload of changes that have occured in the game since I left.

    I left wow just before patch 5.1 was released , I had commitments to schoolwork at the time and was struggling to invest enough time in wow to feel satisfied with my progress , LFR was cool but I found that it failed to give me the full rewards of raiding .

    I have a 90 druid (main )and a 90 pala atm , alongside a 85 shaman and 85 rogue who I intend to level to max at some point , if anyone could give me the current status of these classes in regards to pve and pvp competitiveness I would be greatly appreciative .

    When I left wow I was Exalted with the cloud serpent , revered with the Golden Lotus and Shando Pan , Honored with the Black Prince and Klaxii and friendly with the August Celestials . Back then wow was a grindfest but atleast there was no shortage of things to do , much to my dismay I found out there have been other factions added and I am clueless where to start

    If anyone could give me some sort of guideline as to how I could "catch up" it would be grand .

    Many thanks

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    Bump Anyone , please ?

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    Bump , Anyone , please ?

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    Get to Isle of Thunder, get doing the dailies there and LFR/raid for Shado-Pan Assault rep, gives you access to higher level gear than a lot of the other factions and if you have time then work back to the entry MoP factions.

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    I want to point out that one, bumping your own thread in the manner that you did doesn't do anything, and two, true bumping (posting a bump post) is against the rules and will result in an infraction.

    OT: Convert your JP into honor and buy 476 PvP epics. The PvP stats do not factor into the budget and thus they're about equal with the same PvE epics. Run LFR 460's and 470's so you can get a 480 item level to run the Throne of Thunder LFR's to pick up 502's.

    You can also head to the Shado-Pan Garrison to start working on Isle of Thunder dailies, but the 522 VP gear's rep is only unlocked by running Throne of Thunder on LFR, Normal, or Heroic. You can buy a neckpiece at neutral but that's it.

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    To do things on Isle of Thunder you will need to complete 4 or 5 single player scenarios, then the dailies and the island will open up. It is also a good ideal to hit world bosses in world boss groups for a shot at gear, the old content world bosses drop items more regularly.

    The old Greater charms of luck no longer drop off a quest giver, now you get them on the isle of thunder. You can kill a rare spawn (which are not really rare and as long as you tag it you get a reward of valor, a quest item stone, a purple key to the treasure room and a lesser coin) get the purple treasure room key and then run through the first room of Lei Shens treasure room opening chests and getting greater coins to use on world bosses and LFR content.

    Since LFR didn't float your boat I would suggest finding a guild that fit your requirements to Raid with. Its more co-ordinated and social way to see the content, just understand that it is harder and not a gauranteed win after a few hours.

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    You can also ask in your Guild if anyone has Incantation tokens they don't want and then you can group up with them and kill the mogu ghosts that the incantations summon and you need on the chest and they pass. This way you get the chest and the coins. Once your gear is over 496 you really don't need the incantations anymore and I tend to trade them with guildies to get coins on my low geared alts or just give them away if I don't need greater coins anymore.

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