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    Where can I buy older PvP gear?

    Hey guys so I was looking around and I couldn't find where they sell older season gear. I found the season 1, 4 and 8 gear but I was just wondering did they remove the rest of the gear or did they just place them somewhere else?

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    Try area 52 maybe.
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    There is some gear in the honor house of Stormwind, where it used to be sold (or above Garrosh's throne), in Area 52 in Outland, and in the sewers of Dalaran.

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    Season 1-3 is available in Area 52, off-set pieces for season 1 are unobtainable. Season 5-7 can be bought from justice/honor vendors in Dalaran, some weapons are unobtainable though.
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    You can also trade in TBC PvE tokens @ Isle of Quel'danas. Not sure if they offer anything the others don't offer.

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