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    ogre and naga. . . This should have already happened imo. However i'd like to see murloc as well.
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    I want Bipedal nerubians in the Horde because I want an old-god race that's friendly to the players.
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    Furbolg. Hands DOWN.
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    Dismantling Blizzard
    When Blizzard announced a MMORPG based on the Warcraft universe the expectation was maximum: the millions of people who had enjoyed the Warcraft RTS series were anxious to create an avatar of their favorite race and enter the fantastic World of Warcraft in first person!

    Eventually the expectations were met, and still to this day World of Warcraft is the most successful MMORPG of all time but, ... absolutely all expectations were met? Not all ...

    There are people who still are waiting to create an avatar of their favorite race ... as there are historic races seen in the RTS games that still are not playable in WoW ... and those are the races that have higher priority to become playable ...

    I refer of course to:

    • Ogres for the Horde
    • High Elves for the Alliance

    Now is your chance Blizzard, not waste it ...

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    Ogres or Tol'vir for me.

    Ogres because they remind me of what Warcraft used to be.
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    Ogres for the Horde vs. Vrykul for the Alliance. Then Nagas, as a neutral race.

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