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    Help Me Figure out the Class to play?

    I like Paladins a lot. Same time I have a Priest which I also enjoy. Both classes are a lot of fun for me to heal on, but I'm undecided on which Class I should focus on. Trying to cut back to just 1-2 classes for all future expansions.

    Could anyone give me some feedback? I enjoy Dpsing, dislike PVP, and right now my mind is a toss-up between Ret Paladin and Shadow Priest. I like the dualistic style of Light and Shadow, but the damage Shadow does, just doesn't seem to line up well with a Ret in almost identical gear. There's also the fact that Holy Power generation is far easier and more engaging than that of Shadow Orbs.

    Opinions? Help? Thanks folks.

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    Try them both, no one can tell you what you will like and not like.
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    They're two *insanely* different playstyles. Melee vs. Range, DoT heavy vs. No DoTs, etc. Hard to know what you'd enjoy more.

    I've always found Shadow Priest DPS to be insanely fun, though it's currently not the highest. That being said, range is more useful in raids than melee, so you may have an easier time raiding as a SPriest. That being said, you should never go by current DPS, because you never know when a patch or hotfix is going to completely change the DPS of a class. Right now SPriests aren't doing top tier DPS, though neither are Rets, but it's entirely possible that will change.

    In raids however, I can't see much of a reason for bringing a Ret Paladin unless you don't have a Prot/Holy one in the group. BoP is really good, but since Prot Paladins are the best tanks right now, and Holy Paladins are one of the top 3 healers, you'll probably have one of those. There are better DPS than Ret.

    All in all, the playstyles are far too different for anyone to decide other than you. Personally, I dislike chasing mobs/players around all day, so I'd stick with a range class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faesroll View Post
    Try them both, no one can tell you what you will like and not like.
    Indeed. You have 11 character slots. Try them both out and decide for yourself.

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