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    Question pvp gear stats difference?

    Hey guys, I'm new to Rift, just got to 60 and got full mercenary set. Now, I've noticed that next level gear, Freelancer, is barely any better, I get like +5 of each stat, so the whole set is like below 100 each stat improvement yet I noticed that people in full epic pvp gear are far more resilient and do more damage.
    Is it just because of these stats? Or do vengeance and valor scale funny or something? 'cause right now, a boot enchant rune looks like better improvement than 2 pieces of Freelancer set. Know what I mean?

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    its all of the above-the runes help alot-gear upgrades help a lot.by the time you get full warloard gear the stats difference over mercenary is not huge but noticeable.more str/stam/ ven and valor.up grading trinkets and all that make a difference also.

    do some wpvp and you can tell whos geared and whos not "no boosting".

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