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    If you see a casual post and get the 'elitist' rage don't post?

    So having been the victim of this more than once recently I have some advice for the all seeing all knowing elitists. Don't bother! if you see a post by a casual player that you think is 'noobish' or whatever silly vernacular you use at the moment, and you get the urge to rage. Simply don't......... ignore it. Go away and do a heroic raid or whatever makes you feel like a pro. Because I am sure I can speak for the majority of casual players by saying we don't care what you think. Your opinion wouldn't be as helpful as another casual player.

    Btw i must stress this is aimed at people whos veins in their neck swell when a casual player says anything at all. I am aware that alot of veteran players are perfectly nice and have alot of good input. So thanks to those guys!

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    Oh, dear.....this isn't going to end well.

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    Just report posts like that to us and let us deal with it, please. That's our job.

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