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    Tyrannical Conquest Acheivement account bound?

    Hey Guys

    I got my Tyrannical Conquest Achievement last night. I know that it now unlocks the Tyrannical gear for honor now, but is this account bound? So, I am Alliance and then go to my horde alt, would I be allowed to farm Tyrannical gear from Honor?

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    It isn't account bound, nor is it faction based. It's on a per character basis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacepunch View Post
    It isn't account bound, nor is it faction based. It's on a per character basis.
    I say this in a sarcastic way to Blizz... "boo" (that's lame). Really wish it could.

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    Yes. The acheivement is account wide, (it will reflect you have the achievement on all toons) but you must reach 25k on the toon you wish to unlock that gear for. Me personally, I am MW and use that to gear my WW.
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    Like person above me said, achievement is account bound, so it will show on alts that you got it.
    Yet 'sadly' it won't have any influence on those alts at all.
    Wich i find rather annoying, okay sure you have to catch-up system to gear Tyr very quickly (given the fact you have gold to buy boosts or friends who boost you).
    But still i'd like to see that you can get TYR pvp gear for honor points on your alts once you reached this achievement. (like you can one you main when you did)
    But yeah it's blizzard they don't give a flying fuck about pvp...

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    Achievement is account-bound. But you have to get 25k/char to get Tyrannical for honor.

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