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    Raiding alongside our ret in black temple back when I was playing a hunter.

    Saw him in shining golden tier 6 with giant two-handers.

    Yeah. Tried to go with other classes but always come back.

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    I like retardation paladin. An interesting approach to melee, with the 2-hander but then again a lot of stuff that works at range. Not my main character, but fun.
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    I like General Off-Topic. It's really cool to see people with My Little Pony avatars advocating for genocide.

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    WTB Glyph of perma-wings!

    One thing I loved in GW2.

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    My first character I played was a paladin because I played a paladin in Tibia.

    /worst reason ever!
    My second bton and first one past 50(in vanilla and an alt whore)was a pally....I miss no forbearance saving my ass as a noob running from gnolls bLOL.

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    I was able to bash in gnome brains with a BIG 2 hand mace.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    I was able to bash in gnome brains with a BIG 2 hand mace.
    Haha, I loved that commercial.

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    Back when I was introduced to the game I had a great friend who went through the trouble of explaining every class to me. I settled on paladin because the idea of being a righteous paladin was awesome. It also coincidently fit very well with my personality (the class mechanics), I always like to push myself, so having a class that had tools to deal with the inevitable crap hitting the fan was nessassary. Additionally paladin is a class that has alot of utlity, something i also like. To this day I use my bubble, hands of protection and salvation, to help the raid deal with damage intake and the like.

    All and all, its a perfect fit to my personality.
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    Their name color is pink. Why else would it be the most represented class in the game?
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    Because a badass priest in shining plate armor that protects, heals, and fights evil with magical powers (light power, still no cool as arcane power, but doesn't matter, as long as it's magical xD), as well as giant hammers is the coolest thing ever.
    I have no regrets! Plus in single player rpgs without a class system i like mages in heavy armor xD.

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