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    Secrets of the First Empire ...

    WTF is the craic with the drop rate?

    4 weeks and only got 7 ...

    Blizzard can go fuck itself with a cactus if this is the way they continue to set up quests!

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    It's called RNG, its like a generic "collect 12 bear arse's" quest. Cept you have lockout's on the bears with whom drop said arse's

    Don't complain, they already buffed it so it's not like you will take much longer. Also 7 in 4 weeks is pretty fast compared to others

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    Oh wait, you're on the first bit.

    Yeah, 7... that's not that many. OH WELL!
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    RNG must hate you. Was 3 for 3 last week (got the quest after killing the first 9) and 8 for 12 this week.

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    first week - 4
    second week - 5
    third week - 6
    fourth week - 4
    fifth week - 2


    first week (same week as week 5 secrets) - 2

    I'm hoping that I can get at least 2 per week on runestones, will see how that goes.

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