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    You remind me of a friend I know... I've been telling him about MoP and stuff and he said he would never come back unless its TBC like. Anyway, I believe we could be facing the Legion next expac which I hope but honestly I hate the panda storyline. Mogu is just not my thing along with those klaxxi people and its just the pandarian theme in general that doesn't make me excited. The only story which I found neat this expac is the horde vs ally face off along with garrosh and some parts of the thunder isle story.

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    Take into account that if you want to gear more than 1 char you'll go trough hell, this is the least alt friendly expansion so much grinding, I'd wait till next patch to return when they'll remove most of the reputation gating for gear.

    PD. Just in case I'm not saying the expansion is bad but the amount of grinding needed to gear a char is excesive
    I've found it pretty easy to gear up new alts. Takes a week to get ilvl 460 and running LFR. If you have bad luck, it might take you a couple of weeks from ding to ilvl 470 and opening up more LFR. Once in LFR, the loot rains down. Not to mention the free ilvl 489 piece of armor you get each week.

    Some people with lots of time/luck can get ilvl 480 and access to all the LFRs in just a week after ding.

    The only griding i do on new alts these days is following the commander train around the Barrens.

    The reputation gating for valor gear doesn't matter much since you should be spending your valor on Shado-Pan Assault gear and not on old valor gear anyway.

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