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    Healing rain+maelstrom pvp?

    So i just figured out i can use healing rain with maelstrom procs lol (i read maelstrom tooltip wrong lol) and it got me thinking, why not use this in pvp over healing surge? I mean obviously if im trying to catch a hunter or caster surge is better, but if im fighting melee or just a fight where its stationary rain is better right? Im still lvl 89 in the leveling bg bracket but it definitely heals for more than a healing surge does, i come and ask here because even in vanguards shaman pvp guide he never mentions using healing rain, and i think its pretty dam good in some spots....thoughts?

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    Enha's healing in PvP, even with the glyph, is quite crappy.

    I think 1 HR does give more than 1 HSurge on one target, so tossing down one HR is not bad - also heals allies.

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