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    Just came back, never played DPS, what's fun?

    I've always played a healer, and just came back to the game recently. Just wondering what a fun dps class is. Not going to raid really, mainly just going to do dungeons, and hunt for minipets. Thinking maybe Hunter, or maybe Rogue, but can't decide!

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    There was a recent thread that suggests rogues/mages are some of the most boring at the moment.

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    I have a ton of fun on my Windwalker Monk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Animma View Post
    There was a recent thread that suggests rogues/mages are some of the most boring at the moment.
    I actually feel the complete opposite. Rogue is still my favorite class, and as a Mage I never get tired of reducing baddies to ashes. It all comes down to personal preference, really.

    Follow a small step-by-step procedure where you ask yourself a few questions. Kinda like this:

    You wanna DPS: do you prefer Melee or Ranged?

    If Melee: do you prefer fast, a bit weak-hitting classes, or slow, more heavy-hitting ones? Do you prefer to have some kind of ties to spells and a bit "magic-ish" abilities even if you Melee, or are you fine with pure, toe-to-toe combat? Do you like to hit with deadly weapons, or do you prefer to use your body?

    If Ranged: do you prefer raw, exploding burst damage, or maybe withering foes away part by part? Do you like pets, or are they just in the way? Are you the kind of person who uses spells and magic, or are you more comfortable with weapons like guns or bows?

    Just example questions, though try yourself and see where you end up. After all, which class is the most enjoyable one to DPS as is purely a matter of personal opinion.

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    We don't allow these kind of threads. It's a personal decision only you can make.

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