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    It stems from the fact of how easy they are. You honestly do not need a healer or a tank in low level instances at all.

    Even the current 90 heroics are so easy I have soloed a couple of them on my elemental shaman (was ~525 ilvl at the time so not super amazing gear). I could probably solo all of them if I actually tried.

    It is hard to be patient and wait for a slow moving tank when you can easily solo all the "heroic" 5 man content in the game. <=== Check out my Youtube Channel !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    The speed of pulls are not dictated by the role.
    If the speed is not to your liking, spec for and queue as a tank.
    Try talking rather than giving them reason to be another tank missing from the queue.
    And another reason for you to whine about how there are never enough tanks around.
    That is a huge part of why there aren't tanks around, because when can they actually learn to be one if someone else does not know their job.

    I still don't understand why they don't allow everyone to queue as all 3 roles >.>. Dungeons (read: Leveling and Heroic dungeons) are easy enough to be soloed... Waiting for someone to learn to play a role, sticking around moving slowly with them through an instance stop being important when they introduced LFD/LFR and severed any kind of community.
    If you see DPS pulling for you often, you should get some friends and do some gradually faster dungeons so you learn to play your role at a decent speed.
    There's close to no reason to waste time one someone you will probably never meet again.

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    I agree with you, OP.

    I've never understood the point of DPS pulling anything in a 5man. It's always a detriment and slows down the run.. not to mention the extra stress imposed on the tank and the healer. The biggest anomaly is that the fervor of DPS to ninjapull seems to go up the faster I'm going as a tank - and trust me, I go really damn fast.

    It shouldn't matter whether or not heroics "require" tanks to clear. Proper play according to one's role should always be the goal, regardless of whether it's optimal time-wise or not. That's the only way this game will retain it's real essence in the long term.
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    You always see people saying its because the tank isn't pulling fast enough, tell me, how can I pull faster than chain pulling every single mob between start and boss 1, between boss 1 and boss 2 etc, and by that logic I'm still to slow, pause to scratch my nose and zoom, the warriors charged the boss, the mage is dpsing it.

    Please enlighten me, if you're clearing dungeons in under 10mins, how are you too slow? And for the record, it would be very nice if you could get vp from just killing last boss, in any way, because I don't need any trigger happy dps even if they do 300k dps to clear a 'heroic'.

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    this topic been done to death since i can remember and will continue to pop up many more times since it is true that lfd at some point in the expansion becomes filled with trolls and just anoying ppl that nothing that you do is good for them , i simply stopped doing lfd at some point in wrath , unless with a guild group , and not even that bonus bag of rng can bring me back to tank lfd again, just not worth it.

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    Considerin how dps pulling is never an issue to me it seems this is just bad tanks complaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob6875 View Post
    It is hard to be patient and wait for a slow moving tank when you can easily solo all the "heroic" 5 man content in the game.
    this would be the main reason. i que in with 539 ilvl MW monk and i can tank rooms full of mobs while doing over double the dps of anyone else (if theres no other decently geared person)

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    I don't care if you can solo whatever you're doing, in 30 seconds. If I'm tanking, then you go at the pace im going at. And looking at it on the flip side, if I was DPS, I as a person am not rude enough to just go around pulling and typing "go" every 45 seconds. It's common courtesy, period point blank. Now yes, I admit a tank can be "slow", but thats only with like newbie tanks for me, but most tanks just arent fast enough for these people nowadays and its annoying as hell. You don't wanna wait? You want to pull back to back without even healing inbetween? Then roll a tank and do it yourself. That's all that's to it.

    In my eyes this is no different than if you were driving your friend to work every morning at 6AM and he's telling you to drive faster, seriously. And the same thing goes for people thinking they need overhealing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnightTrent View Post
    You don't wanna wait? You want to pull back to back without even healing inbetween? Then roll a tank and do it yourself. That's all that's to it.
    oh i have a tank and not even very geared alt and i can assure u i pull pretty much every pack there is before a boss and use some cds for that since they are useles for bosses that hit like flies

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    Patience after all is a virtue. It just isn't common in people at all, not just in wow. From a (new) healers perspective, although so far healing has been easy, sometimes i need a second or two and the tank just runs off ahead of me out of my range and that annoys me - because it almost feels like it's being done on purpose.. lol. But, it's a game so I take it in stride and just try to have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesiz View Post
    To be honest it sounds like you're one of those tanks who takes their sweet time pulling stuff and placing them nicely before moving further on.

    As previously mentioned, if a DPS ever gets to pull before you do as a tank, then you're probably doing something wrong or different from standard in that said dungeon. In each dungeon there is specific pulls you do as a tank, do those and the DPS will be satisfied, because that's how they normally do it with other groups.

    Instead of complaining in the MMO forum, take your time to improve yourself chain pulling, grants you faster dungeons and less stress since you won't end up battling for threat vs. a dps.
    I would not put things so harshly. People have swung to both extremes in this thread (shocking, I know).

    It is bad play to just tank fast mindless of whether your healer and dps can keep up. That is, unless you can do so in which case, well, it's very good play. Chain pulling is proper if the group can handle it; it's got to be considered good play. Calling it "impatience" strikes me as quite silly; by almost any standards, I'm a patient person but I'd want to hurry through a dungeon on my rogue. The rogue can practically tank everything. In fact, we did when the tanks just bugged out on us. Making optimal use of your time is always going to be good play. I can wait for a raid to reform if they lose some members but waiting on a 5m tank?

    Generally, whether play is good or bad is determined by the strong end game players of a game. A hardmode guild wouldn't be particularly happy with a tank taking his time on trash--or even a boss. Of course, going too fast when patience would be better is also bad. Find the medium, but my guess would be that medium is generally "it's trash, if you die, run back; tank, keep pulling unless the healer tells you to stop".

    I would be only proper, of course, to wait for everyone before pulling a boss.

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    VP is the motivational factor for anything you do in this game, that isn't LFR. Why are people impatient? Because they have limited playtime per day to get said VP :P

    The heroics are simple enough where there's no real need to sit and plan each pull, just grab stuff within your healers capability, and go forth.

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