View Poll Results: Favourite Login screen?

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  • Vanilla

    38 22.49%
  • The Burning Crusade

    54 31.95%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    46 27.22%
  • Cataclysm [SCRAPPED]

    19 11.24%
  • Cataclysm

    4 2.37%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    8 4.73%
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    The scrapped screen is awesome.

    I don't remember the classic one and I've liked all the other ones (Sindragosa's loud breathing aside). I am not overly attached to a particular one, nor do I hate any.

    It would be kinda cool if they used the new expansion screen for from patch X.0 to X.1 and then after that just made it random between all the ones they've made, including the discarded ones.

    Then again, with the new launcher app, login screens might be a thing of the past anyway.
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    For me it's Wrath's. Many people used to complain about Sindragosa's roar on the login screen, but I never really minded it.

    After Wrath, I'd say it's the scrapped Cataclysm > Mists >= TBC > Classic > Cataclysm. Usually I'm the first to say each expansion generally improves upon the previous on nearly everything. The released Cataclysm login screen, however, didn't. Yeah, it was a good idea, excelent even, but it had a pretty bad paint job IMO.
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    Wrath > Cata > TBC > MoP

    Dunno about Vanilla, wasn't around then...

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    I like snow and cold places, so Wrath's is my favorite after they changed Sindragosa to roar less frequently.

    I like the Cata one too but it bummed me out that they took away DW's roar - I don't know if they just made it take forever but I remember him doing it in beta and I remember him just looking back and forth in live.

    The leaked but canned Cata one was also neat.

    I thought Vanilla and BC were cool as a progression but they're not my favorites on an individual level. The MoP one is not my cup of tea either, it is pretty though.

    I actually kinda wish the game had a way to choose which one you used - would be nice for variety and indulging the ol' nostalgia.
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    I liked the Wrath one the most, but the BC one was a very close second.

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    I like the Classic one and the Scrapped Cata one.

    Wrath being the worst with cata closely behind.

    Obviously because dragon.
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    Burning Crusade.

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    Vanilla and TBC for me. I'll never miss the Dark Portal waiting for me as I start up WoW.

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    Nostalgia dictates that Wrath was my favourite, and it is honestly. But I also like MoP's a lot also, as it's fairly peaceful but a blend of a gate and the scene of the current expansion.
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    Burning Crusade's dark portal log in screen by a mile.

    I also like that in vanilla and TBC you see the dark portal but each time from a different point of view either from azeroth or outland, thats so awesome!

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    My favorite is Classic and the Burning crusade one closely after.
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    Vanilla > TBC >> WotLK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MOP > Cata

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    I would say BC. Probably just so nostalgic

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    I adored the scrapped portal screen from Cata, but TBC will always be my top choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Kisu- View Post
    I adored the scrapped portal screen from Cata, but TBC will always be my top choice.
    Nostalgia beats everything.

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    Updated first post with a video showing all Login Screens so far.

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    I voted classic, just because I knew TBC would be getting heaps of votes as is.

    Either of the first two are fine - really wish blizzard would give you an option as to which one you wanted to use.

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    In order of what i liked.
    TBC - Vanilla - MoP - Cataclysm - Wrath
    1. TBC = was fucking epic
    2. Decent and it was intresting ;P
    3. Cause.. i'd rather not hav a stupid dragon on my loading screen and it's calm and smoothing for the hell that awaits ;P.
    4. Cata..well..need I say more than loud-dragon that lagged my damn PC(a bit bias)
    5. well.w.rath go figure why.. FRAKAKAA sindragosa..going ROAOOAROAORROWOROAGKGKSK and kills my pc.

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    Damn that Twilight portal got a blast. I wonder why they choose to put deathwing instead of thatas a login screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felarion View Post
    Damn that Twilight portal got a blast. I wonder why they choose to put deathwing instead of thatas a login screen.
    At Blizzcon they said something along the lines that the twilight hammer would not be as instantly recognizable so they opted for Deathwing.

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