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    Seems like a pointless request, but are there any LFR encounter tanking guides?

    I know, I know. LFR is easy!

    Basically for the first time ever I want to try tanking. but I'm the kind of person who loves to read up before doing something so I can do my best. I am building up a set with the Loot Specialization option and I want to try LFR tanking. My issue is that I don't know ANY of the fights from a tank perspective. Normally I would just brute force it and see what works, but I have watched dozens of tanks get kicked in LFR from not knowing the fights.

    Are there any sites which can give me a rundown of the fights with some detail so I can read up and not be kicked all day and night when I don't know where to stand or when to taunt? I can find so many Normal/Heroic guides but never an LFR guide, and searching around all I find is "Hey idiot, it's easy, just press shield slam!"

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Tank guide
    Tanking is fun, I used to do it on my wariror. Just a heads up. You will be kicked in LFR. You could do it perfectly but if its a wipe its "the tanks fault". At least its almost insta Q. happy tanking.

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    The comment section on "that other site" *cough*wowhead*cough* has some quick summaries for the ToT bosses on LFR. But should you have a geared tank as partner, it may be unnecessary for you to tank as the other tank could just solo tank most of the stuff.

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    the best lfr guide I've found it no life at 90.
    imo, it's great :


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    I dont think a guide for lfr is necesary. If u dont figure what to do yourself, some idiot will shout at you what to do!

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    You'll have to dig to find them, but http://www.tentonhammer.com has a lot of decent LFR guides with "here is what to do if you are __________" sections on each one. They're not super detailed, but they cover all the basic stuff.

    I always glance at them before I do new LFR runs. I know it's probably not necessary for LFR, but I like to be prepared as much as I can anyway.

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