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    Eh, the Paladin set is just T2 and T13 thrown in a blender with some Mogu flavoring. Nice to see a couple of relatively realistic heaumes this patch as opposed to the weird fanciful crap they usually try to sell us as a helmet. I foresee the T16 helm becoming a transmog staple for many Paladins. Again, I just wish the artists wouldn't fixate on the Alliance/Silver Hand colors for heroic mode, it's disheartening and it's the third tier in a row.
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    warrior set looks like garbage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olrox View Post
    Subjectivity of art or not; some of the sets just do not meet the overall quality standards set by Blizzard for sets.
    What 'quality standards' are you referring to, exactly?
    These sets are the most detailed and high polygon sets to-date. The quality of MoP gear in technical terms is the best of any gear sets Blizzard has ever produced.

    I guess it's just beating a dead horse at this point, no matter how a counter argument is made, people will just bash every new tier set that gets revealed because everyone has different taste. As an artist myself, i've just grown to be more open to opinions and accept things as they are because sometimes artists just have a vision -- and maybe it isn't always crystal clear ... but there is good intention behind every tier set, no doubt. I just don't think people realize there are actual human beings behind these designs and everyone is so super critical about how gear looks nowadays.

    I couldn't imagine being an artist for the art dept at Blizzard, designing gear and then checking out fan sites and the forums and just seeing everyone completely trash your designs. I'm sure the artists avoid forums like this for that reason alone (though who knows, maybe they check it out for feedback). I'd be a wreck if I was in that position. Especially when people say the artists designing are terrible or should be fired -- which if you honestly believe you can do a better job, apply to Blizzard and see how quickly you are rejected!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merany View Post
    I agree, the quality of armour sets haven't been great these past few expansions, but for MoP, it's been particularly horrendous. It seems to me like the art team is trying to adopt an asian style, which to me doesn't fit with WoW all that well. Or maybe they're just not getting the hang of it... Also, why so much turquoise?! I get that jade is often related to asian lore, but still...
    Comments like that will get you a ban around here. Blizzard absolutely did not in any way, shape or form even consider the Asian market when they designed MoP, or so the mods here will have you believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasani View Post
    I think part of the problem is when WOW was young and new, they already got a lot of the sort of iconic looks for each class done. Warlocks for example already have several sets that make them look like demons and some even have wings attached, so unless you keep spitting out more sets that look like demons (which people would complain about), the only way to avoid it is to try to do something "new" for it that doesn't match your expectations for what it should look like.
    Agreed. They've ran out of iconic looks a long time ago and have to figure out ways to make new, cool, but still *insert class here* sets. Sometimes the raid lends itself to making such a set (warrior T13 and lock T14 for example), but oftentimes it doesn't.

    I think another problem specific to T16 is that a lot of us expected more orcish themed takes on the class sets since it's been an anticipated raid during MoP, but now that we know it starts in the Vale and is also about Sha of Pride and the heart of Yshaarj, it's clear the theme for most of the sets so far is more Titan oriented, which is disappointing to those who were anticipating an orcish look for their class. Warrior is the closest to having an orcish theme with the spikes but it looks like the design was changed to be Titan themed halfway through resulting in, imo, an ugly mess. I guess blizz heard enough silly "horde favoritism" QQ over the years that they decided not to make orcish/horde-inspired tier sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    It's all good

    Off topic, but why did you stop doing modelling?
    Well my eyes haven't always been the best, and it's rapidly decreasing... by the time I am 30, I am supposed to be fully blind. Focusing so much on the monitor sped up that process by a few years, but I was having fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by bloodclot View Post
    No problem, lots of people on here speak to one another in a way they wouldn't dare to irl imo.

    The ideas you presented there are actually excellent. I like the vial idea. The problem my friend is this.

    Poly count, thematic consistency and silhouette.

    That vial idea could probably be implemented in a different game, with a lower depth of field and an over the shoulder view.
    I just can't see that happening in wow, where you could be in a group of up to 25 moving player models at a huge vantage point,
    where individual design pieces can't even be seen not a mind rendered by the engine.

    I really personally would dread to work on the tier sets for wow, a friend and myself were discussing it recently and it seems like a huge task
    and the fact that they insist on sticking to a tier theme is like an added handicap. I would rather see them stick to a class design or possibly role design
    with the hybrids having a more flowing elegant form set, and the pure dps classes maybe an aggressive angular design.

    In all honesty though, Blizz has one of the best art teams in the world, not just in the gaming industry. I know of people who've jumped in between there and WETA,
    which is saying something. I think they're probably doing as much as they can right now, bar maybe one or two things :\
    Hmmm you make a very valid point my friend... I too would find it quite challenging to hop onto the Art team, not only because you are very limited to what you can do (being an underling and what not) but as you said sticking to a specific theme would be very tough...

    I also appreciate your idea on sticking to class design rather than grasping onto a theme, it definitely widens horizons as opposed to narrowing down options to... well what we see today right?

    Yeah Blizz has a good art team, someone else mentioned that not all of their resources will be put towards sets since we are nearing the end of the expansion, but that's definitely no excuse to take pressure off of those peons lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iliyra View Post
    And yet here we are.

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    Personally I've liked a lot of the armour sets this expansion. As a paladin I've been very happy with each one, I especially loved T14.

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    Gonna go out on a limb and defend the art team here for just a sec.

    The theme is Titan technology pilfered from Pandaria and re-purposed by the Orcs. Now when is the last time you passed by ANYTHING made by an orc and that is a work of art. You haven't because Orc logic adds spikes to make it stronger. Titan technology like that of Ulduar, Uldum and otherwise is futuristic, laserpowered and streamlined. This is an unholy union of the two styles.

    Since the siege itself is the main focus of the raid the gear wll resemble future soliders more than anything else. I'll admit I'd like to see more Monster lookalike gear like a skinned Sha or a White Wolf Head Wrap with electric eyes for shamans but I'm not the artists with the plan, they are. All I can say is it will probably look cooler once you see way after wave of these cyber-soliders swarm you in the raid. Hopefully anyway.

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    I think the problem with those sets are:

    They are not bad nor ugly but they could also be some expension greens set we had in Wotlk, Cata, Mop. They just don't look like tier sets for some reason anymore.

    I think they just don't stand out anymore and port if the reason are the colors who are not that powerful anymore... all colors look realy washed down like thegreen sets used to be.

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    Art is a subjective thing, but ehh...I think a majority is pretty "...WTF IS THIS SHIT" about the recent tier sets. I showed this to friends who don't even play WoW anymore and even they're pretty much laughing so hard about how retarded the tiers and PvP sets look. I mean, I main a paladin - and this tier is not only yet another robed-set, but the chicken wings on the shoulders and helmet make me feel like some malformed super hero.

    All I can say is, thank fucking GOD for Transmog - atleast T14 or T15 (sans helmet, otherwise it's just E.T. Phone Home-moment) won't disappoint me this much.

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    Sorry, but I like them.

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    Art is subjective yada yada etc. but I still think that MOP armor sets are way over the top. Why there is so much shit attached to our armors? Priest t15, comon, a walking candle stick?? Really? Druid T16 looking like heavy plate armor. Hunter sets looking like heavy armor too, even though the class is about mobility.

    What's next, are we going to carry dead bosses on our shoulders? Skulls are passe, why not attach whole Horridon to my belt??

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpy View Post
    How eye-bleedingly hideous some of them were?
    Not denying that some were unfitting and ugly.

    The best however were light years ahead of current designs. In what terms I already said in the previous post.

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    I don't understand why people keep talking about art and subjectivity of it. Designing tiers/sets is more about fashion, not art. It's pretty much pret-a-porter of WoW and while the design process in itself is art, the product you end up with isn't... It's just something made to please a big portion of their target market like big chains of clothing stores.

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    Meh there not bad, definitely not ToC quality. The worse thing about them is that compared to t6, t10 and t13, t16 doesnt stand out.

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    Glad I am not the only one thinking they're crap. So awful.... can't believe how bad they look. I was going to roll another Death Knight, but after seeing this crap I don't think I will.
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    Its last tier - so they are obviously moving faster and faster to full time next xpack. Last tiers are clearly showing that they are spending less time spend on current expansion. Which is not even "secret conspiracy" or anything. Its just how it is.

    Art being subjective or not, quality and detail can be argued. Just because art is subjective it doesnt mean it is immune to critique.
    But thats really up to yours to argue
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    I have been.... very adamant about how 5.4 tier has been... complete shit. Even to the point of pointing out their complete and utter faults. The reason why "these" are completely fail, is they all nearly look identical (to a point) and then they have no base point they a planted around in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Honestly, The sets would have looked fine for the first tier this expansion, dealing with the mogu the mantids and titan lore. But this, its only based around the first 4 bosses and completely fails to accept orcish lore.

    What I mean to say is, I am not going to pull off one of their corpses this garbage, rather, something far more orcish and brutal. But now, we have have these glowy line circles that look like crap and made us look nearly identical. Its the art teams way of homogenizing the classes =D. But hey, unless your a warlock, you dont have a set that has such a terrible color scheme it actually hurts your eyes to look at or a "demonic" jaw with some huge goofy teeth that only make you simply laugh at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laplacedemon View Post
    I don't understand why people keep talking about art and subjectivity of it. Designing tiers/sets is more about fashion, not art. It's pretty much pret-a-porter of WoW and while the design process in itself is art, the product you end up with isn't... It's just something made to please a big portion of their target market like big chains of clothing stores.
    The end product of designing tiers is three-dimensional armor in a video game. So yes, it is art.
    I don't know how models in a video game can even be equated to clothing store chains when the end product isn't even physical.

    And if you think that clothing and fashion design isn't art -- look at the independent/high end designers who design for aesthetics and hand craft clothing. Pretty degrading to even equate fashion design to chain clothing stores, imo. Just because the industry has been overrun by corporations doesn't mean art doesn't exist in the fashion world.
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    I like them.

    That said, I also like Tier 1-3, Tier 5 and 6,7, 9 and 11.

    It's all about taste. The geometry and modeling needed for the modern tiers *far* outstrips all previous tier content by virtue of simple experience on the art departments team. Saying that "They are lazy!", "I don't like X for Y reason!!!", "WOW IS DYING BECAUSE I DONT LIKE THIS TIERRRAAAUUU!!!!!".

    That is all just opinion. If anything, and I am ridiculously fickle about Paladin gear because it rarely ever looks like my idea of what a Paladin should look like, this tier has accomplished something I haven't seen since classic for that particular class.

    Do I like every set of every tier I listed above? Nope. However, that doesn't mean that what I do like is actually good, nor what I dislike is actually bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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