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    Tier 16 vs Tier 13

    Which do you think overall had the best "end of expansion" look to them? For me it's tier 13 by a long shot, although if the shaman set for tier 16 is confirmed I would probably prefer it to tier 13. I am severely underwhelmed overall and feel tier 16 is uninspired and theme-less.

    Take your pick.
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    Atleast T13 has a difference design in each class, the T16 sets all have the same bland set up....
    And wow.. am I the only one who sees the similarities between T 16 and 13 for Mage, Warlock, Druid, Paladin and Rogue?
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    T16 isn't bad per say, but it uses the same theme over and over and over. T13 was more varied and I like that better.

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    Those mage sets are unforgivably similar...
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    Hunter and Pally T16 look pretty awesome to me, and Mage is better than T13 but still not my favorite. Warrior (my main) is kind of disappointing though, as I did like DS gear except the helmet.

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    Shaman sets with that "Primal" theme remain to look badass.

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    dat huge gnome
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    Can't say I found either outstanding.

    Loved the paladin sets in both tiers, shaman ones are quite neat - rest are mediocre. Not gona complain though, even if the set as a whole doesn't interest me, it's nice to have the individual pieces for mixing in with other transmog items.

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    anyway: personally, I think tier sets should try to balance class theme and raid theme. IMHO, t16 does neither well, except for the kor'kron dark shaman set for shamans, which isn't confirmed to be a tier set yet, anyway. I bet it isn't.

    the raid is about orgrimmar, but the sets are sort of a mix between generic pandaria architecture and titan tech. I feel those sets would feel much better coming from ToT.
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    Rogue: T13
    Mage: T13
    Hunter: T13
    Paladin: T16
    Druid: both are bad imo but T13 is worse.
    Priest: T13
    Warrior: T13
    Death Knight: T13
    Warlock: T16
    Shaman: T16

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    I'll go class-by class and tally up.

    Rogue: T13 wins this for me. The rogue T16 just does nothing for me really, not sure why. I'm not outlandishly fond of rogue T13, but of the two it's the one I'd choose.
    Mage: Well fuck. Being a mage, this is so disappointing. Up until T16, T13 was my least favorite mage set ever implemented. The fact that T16 is an asian-themed T13 is horrible. T13 wins this just because it was a unique set at the time.
    Hunter: T13 wins this by a lot. I see what they were trying to do with T16, but it comes off looking as weird.
    Paladin: T13 wins this my a lot. I like everything it does, it's a good set. T16 has a cool base helmet design at the face-level, but the feather look ruins everything in my eyes.
    Druid: T16 wins here. This is a set where the feathers actually fit, unlike the Paladin. I like the set, wasn't a huge fan of T13.
    Priest: T13, no contest. This set is one of my favorite sets in the game. Man, it just looks so incredible. It just has the look of a classic set for the class.
    Warrior: T16, but both have a single quality that turns me off. In T13 it's the shoulders. From behind they look so weird. In T16 it's the overly glowing things that make them look like Iron Man. If I had to choose, I'd go with T16. Both would be awesome sets if it wasn't for those mishaps.
    Death Knight: T13. I don't even want to feel I need to discuss further. It just wins this one in every way.
    Warlock: Although T16's shoulders suffer the same fate as Warrior T13's (in looking super awkward from behind), the rest of T16's set carries it ahead of T13 in my eyes. I don't like T13 at all, and I always saw it as one of the black marks on an otherwise superb class in the way of tier sets.
    Shaman: Both are pretty good sets. I'll go with T16 here due to it having a more unique look.

    6-4 for T13. May I note that T13 was also one of my less favored round of Tier sets, and it was really being carried as a whole by Priest. Every other set is just pretty much average or worse. T16 is looking to be in my bottom 2 or 3 of tier sets overall (T9 will always hold that bottom spot, it's like the art developers went on strike during that point or something, so lazily done).

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    I consider both Tiers kinda bad to begin with.
    Tier 16 is alot worse than Tier 13 though... I'll rank each tier set for how good it looks on a scale from 1-10 (the higher the better). Why? cuz I feel like it:

    Tier 13
    Druid: 3
    DK: 7
    Hunter: 5
    Mage: 6
    Paladin: 1
    Priest: 8
    Rogue: 7
    Shaman: 3
    Warrior: 8 (for hc only)
    Warlock: 9 (for hc only)

    Tier 16
    Druid: 4
    DK: 8
    Hunter: 6
    Mage: 3
    Paladin: 5
    Priest: 1
    Rogue: 4
    Shaman: 3
    Warrior: 1
    Warlock: 2

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    t16 clear winners: DK, Lock, Hunter, Druid, Mage

    t13 clear winners: Rogue, Warrior

    toss ups: Shaman, Priest, Paladin

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    Depends on the class, which would be my answer for any tier. None of them are universally awesome or terrible.

    Although I guess Tier 9 comes close to the latter for me.
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    t16 by far , looks soo much cooler than ds sets

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuniorBinda View Post
    Atleast T13 has a difference design in each class, the T16 sets all have the same bland set up....
    And wow.. am I the only one who sees the similarities between T 16 and 13 for Mage, Warlock, Druid, Paladin and Rogue?
    I give you the mage, but the rest? No, not really. Druids are completely different both in style as well as theme.

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    DS T13 wins by a mile for me.

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    Tier 16 sets look pretty random. What is the theme? is every class growing wings or something?

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    Rogue tier 16
    mage tier 13
    hunter tier 13
    paladin tier 16
    druid tier 16
    priest tier 13
    warrior tier 13
    dk tier 13
    warlock tier 13
    shaman tier 13

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    I actually plan to use the tier 16 mage helmet with most of the tier 13 set. (always wanted the googles to be on your face)
    Testing: Will probably be toooooo big.

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