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    Why was the current content patch button removed?

    Some time ago (Before the curse merge and subsequent site redesign) MMOchampion used to have a button in it's normal list of buttons (Home, Forum, FAQ, etc) That organized all of the information on a patch into a single, easy to access place. Where you could mouse over the button and click weapons to see the weapon models for the next tier, tier sets to see tier sets, bosses to bosses, etc.

    I'm very curious why this was removed.
    It was extremely convenient, and now there doesn't seem to be a single place where all the information about an upcoming patch can be accessed without browsing through a dozen threads to get the information. (The one exception is the patch "recap" threads you do when a patch is pretty much done on the PTR and about to hit live, which basically accomplish what the button used to do.)

    Was maintaining a single page with all of the up-to-date patch information coalesced just too much of a hassle?
    MMO champion is a wonderful resource, and it'd be nice to not have to dig through a couple weeks worth of news threads to see all of the Tier 16 sets, or all of the new boss/mount models.

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    I'd say: More pages to find content = more adds viewed. But then again I might be insane and sites might not get money from that.

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