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    i like the 3 backdraft = insta cb idea, but how about make cb insta cast as standard, give it a cooldown of say 12 seconds (?), and have 3 stacks of backdraft either make it 100% crit or a free cast
    You seriously think having a 12 sec cooldown on Chaos bolt would make a better gameplay ?

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    it seemed good in my head, im just throwing ideas around, dont expect anything genuinely good outta me, i just wanted to voice an idea is all
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExcelDamage View Post
    it seemed good in my head, im just throwing ideas around, dont expect anything genuinely good outta me, i just wanted to voice an idea is all
    hey that's totally fine, this whole thread is just mental masturbation.

    - - - Updated - - -

    there was once a time when we had the direct ear of one of the developers on this forum, man that was great while it lasted.

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    I would really like Soul Fire back in destruction. A chance of Instant cast from immolate thick or something, like imp provided back in cata. It would do something about the boring rotation.. I just love the look of that ability, but then again, its probably to much like a fire mage. A change to backdraft would be welcome, enoying to have 0,6s cast time on incinerate, it just dosnt feel right.
    Anyway, its really gonna be interesting to see what blizzard is gonna do about destruction scaling issue and ember regen.

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    I wouldn't mind a minor glyph that makes chaos bolt look like the old soul fire (not the current soul fire that demo has).

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    What if Backdraft charges granted the following?
    - Incinerate: reduces the mana cost by 20% and causes Incinerate to generate an extra ember (2 if it crits)
    - Immolate: Instant cast or gets 30% extra haste (so more Immolate ticks).
    - Fel Flame: Pierces through absorptions effects and has 25% increased chance to critical strike.
    - Chaos Bolt: consumes up to 3 charges to reduce the cast time and ember cost by half or up to 6 to make it free and instant (it will never consume 1, 2, 4 or 5 charges, only 3 or 6).

    This would add quite some interesting gameplay to the spec around backdraft. With Incinerate and Inmolate we get our Ember generation compensated, with Fel Flame we get a tool to use in PvP to not waste time casting against a shielded target, and with Chaos Bolt a nice combo like Chaos Bolt -> Conflag x 2 -> Chaos Bolt, specially under Dark Soul, even more now that Chaos Bolt hits like a wet noddle in PvP. It would also be a "free" extra Chaos Bolt, not that free because you lose all Backdraft charges, seems a fair trading to me.

    (Just throwing some ideas, not that I'm certain it would work).

    Also: Glyph of Chaotic Fire (minor): causes your Chaos Bolt to be Soul Fire (if it's the actual Demonology's version, even better, I love that animation).

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    I want them to not give us more ember regen, maybe even decrease it a little. But make our ember consumers hit alot harder.

    They don't need to implement that in PvP as they have shown they can adjust spells for PvE and PvP however they want.

    Might be a dumb idea, but it would be alot cooler if Chaos Bolts felt special.

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