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    [Rust] Pre-Alpha

    I didn't see a thread about this game yet and I thought it looks pretty cool so I guess I'll make one. The game is called Rust its made by the creators of Garry's Mod it kind of reminds me of an old school MMO. It's currently in a pre-alpha stage and you need a beta key to be able to get in and apparently the only way to get one atm is if you're either a streamer or youtuber or get lucky and get one off their forums.

    The game currently runs in a browser but that could change in the future but its like a mix of Minecraft and DayZ. It's like Minecraft because you can craft guns, armor, building structures, savage ore and wood with a pickaxe and you can build custom houses from different types of wooden structures you can either build a small shack or go all out and build a castle or a skyscraper. Doors only operate by the person that placed it so only you can go through it however, you can break down other peoples doors with pickaxes and grenades but it takes a while to break them down. It's like DayZ because it has zombies and PvP also when you die you lose whatever is currently on you.

    The game is fairly new so there isn't too many sources to link to really explain what the game is all about but I'll post what I've found:
    http://www.playrust.com/ - This is their site.
    http://www.twitch.tv/summit1g - I found this person streaming it with a few friends so if you want to see more random stuff its fun to watch.

    Youtube Video I found that explains the game so you can see how it is in better detail.

    (I'm not trying to promote any of these people just sources for people to view the game better)
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