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    That dark shaman set is made of win.

    I really hope it's obtainable in some way. Maybe it will be the new mail dungeon/scenario set or something from the timeless island (or w/e the new 5.4 quest area is called).

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    shamans control earth/fire/wind/water and now Cosmos

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    It has a gyroscope and you put that against draenei?

    Ok... last time I went to the Exodar I saw them everywhere.

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    I actually do not find that "dark shaman" look you're all so craving for to be that good really, it's definetly not bad, it's aight I guess, but the theme is meh, and except for the head-piece, the rest looks really boring.
    I like this Celestial themed set, although it is not what I'd expect a shaman to wear, and not really in my top 5 sets for shamans, it is by far the best looking out of the 3 MoP tiers.
    S12 & Challenge mode set both look better than this though.
    Going into specifics, this set is ok, not the best - not the worst, theme is imaginative and I reckon it could work well for an Elemental or Resto shaman.
    + I missed having some sort of a coif/hood thingy, kind of like Tier 6, I'd enjoy the T16 head piece alot, might work well mogged with many different items.
    To sum it up; Could they make it better with the Celestial theme? yes, but considering how the other Tier 16 gear looks for other classes I conclude wer rather fortunate: 7/10 from me.
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    We can still say to ourselves (and to everyone else) that those are snowflakes. Snow -> water -> hooray? Hopefully they will not stop and stare the animation, where 2 "snowflakes" gets connected with a line...

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    I love the shoulders at least. Not really sure that the set really fits for shaman, but I love it. So much better than t15 set!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    It is quite Draenei. It's celestial and represents the cosmos, stars and pure energy - and let's recall that the Draenei are extra terrestrial space travelers.
    Sure Draenei are space travellers but we've not seen any celestial/Draenei link. The only link to celestial stuff has been Titan themed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrinvisable2 View Post
    shamans control earth/fire/wind/water and now Cosmos
    Well, that escaleted quickly
    Time is on our side
    Brutal Gladiator Enhancement Shaman *rawr*

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrinvisable2 View Post
    shamans control earth/fire/wind/water and now Cosmos
    lol this made my day. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    T12 is a volcano, not a burned out tree.
    Possible, but those shoulders & helmet look more like a burned part of a tree to me than a Volcano.

    In the end it's fire themed.

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    unless its a hint to a NEW element that shamans will be learning to harness in 6.0...

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    I like it..but I wish I could have the shoulders on my druid>.<. I am trying to go for a stary transmog.
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    Snowglobe shoulders! My friend, who plays a Hunter, asked if I'll snow if he shakes me. So I showed him the T16 Hunter set with the lighthouse helmet.

    I don't care for this set, the legs/chest is nice. The rest is meh. I like the green and silver colour combo though.
    But it doesn't look like anything remotely Shaman (like all the tier Shaman armours this expansion - I can't help but wonder if the designers know what a Shaman is).

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    ahh just saw the video of the rotating shoulders with floating particles, astral shaman is a win for me, aesthetically anyway. the way they sit on that male tauren's shoulders is just perfect.
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    I don't really think its celestial themed. I think the gyroscope is there to represent balance, which is one of the themes of the class.

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    I am glad with the Mass Relays on my shoulders yo.

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    i guess they're showing that ele shamans are closer to mages now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kipling View Post
    unless its a hint to a NEW element that shamans will be learning to harness in 6.0...
    If new hance AOE is a black hole....

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    Eh... this set is disappointing at best. Not that I entirely dislike it -although it's definitely not my cup of tea- it's just that it seems far more suited to a Mage than to a Shaman. Yes, I know that more "wolfs, with lava, and lightning!" would be kind of recurrent, and some variety is welcome in regards to future x-mog options... but come on, they've gone too far.

    Overall, I'm finding most T16 to be a bit "spaceship-like" with all the glowing leds and spinning parafernalia. I'm very curious about the lore behind those, because it doesn't seem to be tied to Orgrimmar at all. Maybe it's Celestials, but even so, it's a bit of a mess.

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    the sunwell tier wasn't very shaman either..I don't see much wrong with this tier personally

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